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Monday, January 02, 2006

Gin & Juice

I'm Limewired up and connected. Let's get it on!

Happy New Year, everybody :) I hope you all had a great time. I ingested large quantities of alcohol, but did not have as much fun as I was hoping to. I had fun, but dragging along a mopey, needy, soppy, recently unattached friend wasn't as much of a good time as you might have imagined it to be. (What? You didn't think that would be fun? Neither did I, but I did it anyway!)

So...Heather broke up with Nathan. She ditched him because she doesn't find him attractive. And yet SHE's all teary and sopping wet. "Why would I be given a glimpse of something so perfect, and yet have it not be *right*?!" Gee, I don't know...because the second a boy shows interest in you you think "Great! Let's get hitched and have babies!!!"

They only dated for 3 months in total, and SHE dumped him. Why this ruined my New Year's Eve is beyond me...But being a good friend, and not nearly as much of a bitch as I sound, I didn't indicate to her in any way that she was dragging me down. Even when we had to leave two consecutive parties (because she didn't want to make the effort to meet new people) and the bar (because she didn't FEEL like dancing and being around happy people) and when I was home by 12:35 am. Bleh. No more.

Take notice, that I, henceforth, shall be greedy and selfish and not really concern myself with YOUR good time--even if you're crying and sopping wet. Particularly not if you get your freaking salt-water self all over my velvet. Consider yourselves warned. (See that, Mrs.Flinger? EMBRACE your inner bitch!!! Don't deny her!)

Today, I was all proud of myself and went to the gym. I worked out for an hour and a half!! That's a new personal best! I did 20 minutes hard on the elliptical, and then did 3 sets of a bunch of exercises on about 5 different machines (abs, arms, back). I was so proud!!!

Then, when it was time to leave the gym, I went out to the car which started up like a dream. I popped it into reverse to back out of my parking spot...and as I gently placed my foot on the gas, I moved forward. Slamming on the brakes, and quickly checking to ensure I had selected the correct gear (I had) I threw it back in park.

My transmission has decided that reverse is a luxury that we're just not going to embrace any longer. Forward is where it's at. Don't look back, my car says. Move forward--proceed full speed ahead. Yeah. Whatever, car.

So...after waiting around for almost two hours (hoping that the person with the car in front of me was in the restaurant or the gym--they weren't) I went into the stores in the stripmall and asked the employees in about 6 stores if they drove a black Kia Spectra (is it you? Can you please move your car so I can drive my baby to the shop? PLEASE?). It was not. The rest of the stores are all 5 minutes, in and out stores...1/2 an hour at most (the video store). While I waited, I ate an entire big bag of chips--thus nullifying any results of my monster gym session.

Then, I took the bus home. I figure that tomorrow, I'll take the bus back to the gym, and hopefully by then someone will not be parked in front of me and I can drive my car to the shop. Thankfully I have an extra day off this week to make up for the holiday, so I've got a bit of flexibility that way.

But it means that I now need to face the harsh reality that I need to replace my car. I am NOT spending any cash to fix the transmission. The poor Festiva is bound for the great big fiesta in the sky. And I'm headed for a life of abject poverty. Whee.

Anybody have a car they want to sell super-cheap? I can't afford a new bicycle, so I'm not looking for much. Alternately, anybody need to share an apartment in Halifax? I have a beautiful place with everything included (dishwasher, laundry, river-view) for bargains! Cheap like dirt, I swear! :)

Bleh--I guess it's not that terrible, it just seems that way today because I had to take public transit. {shudder}

Have a great night folks--resolutions tomorrow.


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