Cleaning house

Thursday, June 30, 2005

boggles the mind

So I just heard a story on the CBC this morning about "pro-ano" websites. These sites are support groups for kids with anorexia and other eating disorders. These are not supporting them in their attempt to overcome their disease, they are websites encouraging them to get thinner and to not give in to everyone who wants them to eat and 'get healthy'. There are tips on how to lose that elusive 5 to trick people into thinking you're eating when you're not...bizarre stuff.

What makes these poor girls (and boys, actually) do this to themselves? They are slowly killing themselves from the inside out...just to have a bit of control over their own existence. I'm a control freak, but yikes. Poor kids.

Just goes to show you though, that the internet really DOES connect the world--those with like interests can always find each other.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


So...yesterday was my day off.

I accomplished nothing.

I didn't cook, I didn't clean...I did two loads of laundry, but as the machine is inside my apartment, it's not really a huge accomplishment.

My shower got swiped this morning, as did hte counter and the toilet. And my bed has been made every day for a month perhaps I"m getting flywashed after all. If only I could get into the whole 'decluttering' thing a bit more.

Last day off (last week) I got so much accomplished--two years of back taxes, tow bags of garbage, and a big box of stuff to donate to the Sally Ann actually got DROPPED OFF. And I mailed mum's package that had been sitting in the car for 2 months. Yikes.

Babysteps. I have already had dinner, and it's only I guess that's okay. I'm not going to make the gym tonight, but perhaps I'll get some of the piles of paper picked up from the middle of the living room floor.

This is banal, but I'm hoping that writing it down--in a public space, even if nobody knows it's here--will help me hold myself more accountable. We shall see. :)

More later. Or tomorrow. Or something. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


So...I guess I've just entered the world of voyeurism. Intriguing.

I have never had a desire to blog, nor even a desire to keep a journal. But I have to say that I'm overly interested in biographies in particular, and incredibly nosey in general--so I figure that if I'm going to read about other people's lives I guess I should share some info. I'm also a VERY private person, so this gives me the opportunity to practise sharing, without having to actually tell anybody anything *Grin*

So...welcome. If you find me :)