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Friday, October 23, 2009

oh my.

Firstly, don't put too much pepper in your scall0ped potatoes. Trust me. There's a point, when you're shaking the pepper shaker over top of the milky-onion mixture, making a roux, when you say to yourself: "Self! That is too much pepper! Be careful!" and you say "Self, shut up. You don't know what you're saying! You know I love pepper!" I'm saying--LISTEN TO YOUR SELF. IT'S TOO MUCH PEPPER!

Secondly, life sucks sometimes.

Thirdly, don't spend 2 days stuck inside your own head. It's dangerous for your mental health. I mean it. Trust me on this one too. I'm smart, I can be trusted. Besides which, the voice of experience should always be heeded. (Harkened to?)

Fouthly, Fuck. It's raining outside.

Fifthly, at least it's not fucking snowing.

Sixthly, Thirstdays are the best day ever.

Seventhly, I'm an awful girlfriend and you should never date me. I'm filled, nay riddled, with angst. And questions. And confusion. I'm not to be dated. Trusted? Sure. I'm waaaaay trustworthy. But dates are out of the question.

Eighthly, I think I'm drunk. Otherwise I'm confused as to why the monitor is so difficult to manoeuvre.

Ninthly, I can't be that drunk--I spelled manoeuvre correctly. Twice. Rock on.

Tenthly, go me!

Eleventhly, is it wrong that the only person you feel you can talk to in the whole wide world is either a) your ex-boyfriend or b) a bunch of strangers on the interweb?

(i'm running out of the ability to count--just sayin'...)

Twelvthly, (or twelvethly?) Biggest Loser Australia? WTF?

Thirteenthly, it is apparent that eventually spellcheck gives up on you. It feels that you are incorrigible and don't deserve suggestive underlines. Well, I have one thing to say. Fuck you, Spell Check. I do too know how to spell my name. And what's more, I know how to spell colour. That U is important to me, dammit. And you, are not. So there. Take that. Now CRY, BABY!

Fourteenthly, It's okay. I think I'm fine now that I got that off my chest. Thanks for listening.

Fifteenthly, Thirstday is awesome. Particularly when Roger is playing solo. He's amazing. I Heart him muchly.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's getting to be winter out, and I am not a fan.

Quick update:
*there are now base board heaters in my apartment
*only one of them currently leaks
*the mould in the bathroom is moderately under 'control'
*I'm an awful dog owner and am riddled with guilt re: same.
*apple picking last weekend netted me 20 pounds of apples which means lots of ours in my immediate future
*i still hate the bus, and am still relegated to it
*i would make a terrible enviro-friendly commuter
*i don't enjoy plumbing crises as they stress me the Fuck out
*i enjoy swearing far too much for the good of myself and society in general
*it's too cold to text and walk-as indicated at the top of this post.

That's all for now!

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