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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Another lovely day! Today's a bit more seasonal with regards to the weather, but so sunshiney and beautiful that it's hard to find something to complain about.
I just have to say that it's only day 2 and I'm *loving* the clothes line. I hung two more loads out to dry so far and now I'm doing jeans. I'm not looking forward to the crispy pant legs, but maybe they'll dry soft. Who knows? It's all part of the laundry adventure!
I hate when somebody comes to the door while I'm in the shower. I can hear the dog going nuts and barking like crazy, but there's no point in getting out because by the time I get there whoever it was has been scared away. I'm sure people think I'm just avoiding them. I mean, sure, I do that *sometimes* but I don't do it EVERY time. Heh-heh-heh. :-)
Have a happy day-go out and enjoy some sunshine!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a glorious day!

Today was a truly lovely day in Halifax. The dog and I did some errands and then went to Point Pleasant for a while. We walked and walked. He swam in the duck pond and then we both had ice cream.
It was a great day.
One of my errands was buying clothespins. There is a laundry line here, and I've never in my life had one before. I decided that today was the day to try it out! I have to say that my first attempt is an all around success. The laundry dried itself, it smells great, and I didn't have to run the dryer! Woo-hoo!
The computer is dead, which stinks now more than ever because I've wanted to blog all week. Finally I caved and decided to take advantage of the crack-berry. (note to those buying one: get the full keyboard-the Pearl is TOO SMALL!)
Last Tuesday I came home to flowers, and it was lovely and very, very unexpected. This man is far too good to me. I went to SJ for the weekend, and that was okay. We went to see The Soloist on Saturday night, and it was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. You can wait to rent it. The soundtrack was excellent, but I quite enjoy the cello. YMMV.
Hopefully the computer will be back soon-this is too much work for any kind of substantial posting.
Happy Tuesday, lovelies!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I closed at work tonight, which always means I don't get home until 10. Tonight I stopped to pick up some groceries so I got home about 10:30.
I fed and walked the dog, fed myself, washed a load of uniforms and was beyond ready for bed. Instead of heading straight to the Land of Nod I began cooking.
You see, tomorrow after work we are having a bit of a party. Pot luck desserts and salads with prizes for the both. And I was dumb enough to sign up. To be fair, when I did there were no other names on the list so I put mine up as incentive. At least I changed my offering from pies (I will NOT stay up until 3am rolling out pastry if I work at 7!) to a Lemon Bomb Cake. I stole the recipe from DD's SIL and if it turns out half as good as hers, I'll post the recipe for you.
I also made a really pretty bow-tie pasta salad. I'll eat well tomorrow, even if I don't sleep so well tonight!
Did anybody make it to the reading day in Sprytown today? I'm wondering how it went.
Happy weekend, Poppets! :)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh no!

So last night I was up late.

I was actually, for the first time in ages, composing a real blog post. Apparently the fates were against me because there was a power surge at about 12:30am and the power went out. This wouldn't normally be an issue as I use a laptop.

Except for the power surge.

Because now my computer won't work. And I am SAD.

Oh well, the crack berry will help console me through this time of great loss. (tee-hee!)

I had a house-full this past weekend. It was nice, but exhausting. I worked all day Thursday until 9:30 and then had people trickle in until midnight. It was pretty nice, I must say. I got to keep Christine overnight, and DD and the boy-child stayed until Monday.

Friday I dropped C. At the basketball tournament venue, and then the boys and I went to Peggy's Cove. It was a pretty lovely day out, if a bit chilly.

Friday night we went to see Neil Young at the Metro Centre. The show was good, but the opening band stunk. The tickets were ridiculously expensive, particularly to see only one band, and I'd have never gone to it if I'd been the one buying the tickets.

I worked the next morning at 6, and I have to say that it sucked. Anyone in retail will tell you that if stores are to be closed for a day, people think the world is coming to an end and shop like fiends both the day before and the day after aid holiday. Suffice to say that Saturday blew dead goats.

Saturday night DD took The Child to his aunt and uncle's place and the grown ups went out on the town.

A friend of mine from out of town was home for a visit, so some other friends of mine had a wee house party to mark the occasion. Then we all went off to Cheers. 'Twas a train wreck.

We all had a blast. I bumped into Dan-o. I thought I was saving some girl from some creepy guy; and while this proved to be true, I also found myself in a bit of a pickle when she started hitting on me. My radar is usually a finely tuned instrument but it was temporarily off key due to massive alcohol consumption. Oopsie!

I earned myself a very solid hangover on Sunday, and we didn't get up until 2:30. Supper at DD's brother's place was nice, although I could have happily done without him telling them I wasn't doing so well. Oh well. He's pretty slick otherwise.
Because we were out of town on Sunday afternoon I missed getting to say goodbye to Christine, which made me sad. At least I got to see her a bit, even if I had to work during all Bobby's b-ball games.

Overall, I have to say that it was a pretty fantastic weekend.

It's amazing to me that i've finally found somebody who thinks it's fun watching me have fun and mess around with my friends instead of being a big drag who hates my friends.* He even ENJOYED hanging out with them. Pretty impressive, considering that my friends and I are a) quite a handful, b) humungous flirts, and c) out of control. It was a really nice surprise.

*this is not to say my exes were all big drags-(in fact Billy was not at all) but it's really rare for me to find someone that actually not only understands that I'm different in different settings, but actually lets me be me and actively enjoys that. So odd. So refreshing.

Anyway, this is kinda ridiculously long for typing out on a text message keyboard. So have a happy day, Poppets-and please say a few for the speedy recovery of my 'puter!

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Library stuff for locals!

Most of you will not be aware that the Atlantic Book Awards and Festival is on now, until the 18th of the month.

Why do I mention this, you ask? Well, first because I love books and authors and paper and all things innately Canadian (and so should you); but mainly because there is a really cool event on Saturday and you should know about it.

On Saturday, April 18th from 10am - 4pm at the Captain Spry Community Centre is going to be held the First Annual Free Book Bonanza.

This is a family event (translates to Bring. Kids) with book trading, a book doctor to fix up the beloved Dora adventures, and readings from some great local children's authors.

You should either go, or send someone you know so that it is as successful as it should be! Want more details? Call 479-3031. I have no idea whose number that is, but since it was on the flyer I got at the bookstore, it's probably okay for me to print it here. I hope. :)

Happy Wednesday, poppets.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Traffic court.

That's where I'm at. I've been ridiculously anxious about it for the last few weeks, waiting and worrying and imagining all the horrible outcomes that might be heading my way. Now I sit here on the floor in the hall of the courthouse-waiting.

I have to say, I don't get the feeling that this is going to be as serious as I had imagined. Apparently, this is just to enter a plea and then we have to come back to tell our tales of woe. Hrmph.

Well, that was fairly uneventful. Now I go back in November to explain my little saga. At least I got a little Blog out of it, considering I've been trying to write for weeks now. Maybe a real post tonight. A girl can dare to dream!

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

You all know how it goes. The longer you don't do this, the harder it gets to do.

I sent a big post from my new toy (my crack-berry) but for some reason, the internet has ceased functioning on that toy. I need to go in and complain to someone, but a) finding the time and b) finding the energy to do so is a real challenge on most days.

I'm in the worst shape of my life, and yet I have no time in which to do anything about it. I've made a commitment to myself to purchase less crap at the store, and to give in less often to the cravings that are making me pudgy. I'm bigger than I've ever been, and while that is still not 'big' by most people's standards, it's disgustingly oblong by my own. I don't generally judge others, but Boy-oh-boy do I judge me.

I went out tonight with Billy and Brent for an early Thirstday. I had to skip last week. I couldn't imagine going three weeks without Thirstday, so I had to make sure I went out tonight. Tracey and Brent are home from Edmonton, but Trace wasn't feeling well--so even though we'd been planning the get-together for a month, she didn't come. I went anyway, even though I was imposing a little on the boys' time together. Bill said it was okay, so I can only assume that he'd actually tell me if it wasn't. It's funny, so long as I've known him...I still don't know if that's true or not. I THINK that it is...but I'm not sure. Oh well. I'm kind of glad of that, to be completely honest. I like that he'd still be concerned about my feelings.

DD and the boy-child are coming to Hali for the weekend, so they arrive tomorrow after school. Christine and her hubby are also coming to the city for some wheelchair basketball and some R&R. I'm excited to see them both, even if it's just for a few hours over the course of the weekend. I am glad to have the company of people that I love over the weekend.

Trace & Brent are heading to Mabou for some visits and festivities, and Billy's heading up there too. My feelings are a little bit hurt that I wasn't invited, but I had plans anyway and couldn't have gone. But it would have been an honour just being nominated, if you catch my drift. Anyway, bygones.

It'll be interesting having a kid around for the weekend, considering it's Easter. It'll also be interesting to see how DD reacts to me heading to church on Sunday. He hasn't yet experienced me ditching him asleep so I can head off and pray with a bunch of strangers. Likely as not, he'll find it uber-odd. I wonder if Chrissy will come with me to the home of the Anglicans, or if she'll head to the Pentecostal festivities. We shall see. :)

Anyway, I miss you guys. So I'm working on it...honest. And if I ever manage to get the crackberry fixed, I'll send you my lame-o post from traffic court last week.

Happy Wednesday--and Happy Thirstday--all at once. :)

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