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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Remote Posting

I've had a good day at work today, even though I overslept and got up a little bit late.

I didn’t make it to bed last night until after 1:00, as I didn't get back in from playing pool until after midnight. I then had to post, babble at Rob, and eat.

The sucky part about eating better, and not having crap in your house—is that when you’re having a moment of personal stress and REQUIRE a cookie, you don’t have one. In fact, you don’t have anything except some leftover Easter candy that you didn’t want in the first place. So I had a cup of green tea, and went to bed. Which was better for me in the long run, but it was still not as satisfying as a good, old-fashioned, comfort eats would have been. *Grin*

I have been feeling so much better about myself and my health lately though, that I am quite pleased that I didn’t have any crap to eat.

I’ve been getting to the gym on a regular basis, and have been staying longer and longer when I attend. I have really started to ENJOY my trips to the gym. It’s crazy, I know. I have even noticed that my body has started to tone up a bit more. Moreover, I’ve noticed that my abs, buried as they are under an extra 20 lbs of fat, are much more toned and they have even begun to show some definition.

Boggles the mind. Now that I have seen results, I’m not nearly so quick to break down and walk to the store for chips or cookies. That’s not to say, though, that I’ve completely cleaned up my act. I’ve had a Harvey's hamburger for lunch twice this week already, and it's only Wednesday. I washed it down with a salad and some water--but I still had the hamburger. I referred to my meal choices as "a salad and a side-hamburger". I don't feel bad about eating the burgers though, because of the exercise.

Yesterday night I skipped the gym because of the planned outing. I felt bad about it while I was doing it. And today? Because I overslept, I didn’t get to go to the gym before my close shift. I am going to get up early tomorrow though and go before work. I feel so much better when I exercise. And now? I want to be freaking buff for the summer. There is a hella long way to go, but I’m determined. And I know that I can do it.

It may actually mean eliminating beer though, and I don’t think I’m prepared to make that kind of sacrifice yet! We shall see. J

Moving on.

There will be no more posts about boys.

I will no longer be silly and buffoon-like. I will no longer allow myself to obsess.

I don't know what the hell I'm going to talk about, but I think I'll be finding something else.

We went to play pool tonight. It was good. We then went and had a beer. It was good. We talked in the van outside my door for a long time. That was good. It was very good.

And now, I have a VERY cool new friend--who values my company more than losing it over some smooching. Which, he did indicate was VERY good. Anyway. :)

Moving on with my life. Going back to not caring about what boys think. Then, it won't be nearly so embarassing having to go back along and tell people where my silly obsession has led me. :)

I'm beat now, it's 12:30 and I have to go to bed. I need to find something terrible to eat first...because I really need some candy or cookies or something. Because I don't have any ice cream in this stinking house. :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

The suckiest sucker that ever did suck... not my friend Rob. He's the bestest friend in the whole wide world. Because he makes me do things I really don't want to do. Even though he lives far too far away, and is a felon/enemy of the state/non-terroristic-generic-pseudo-scary-guy who can't visit my country. *HUGS*

I have a big ass long story about my weekend...which I was going to cut and paste from my MSN....except that, what followed pretty much made that a moot point. I'll cut to the chase, then post the details after--and you can skip or delete or read as you will.

I have a date tomorrow with Paul. Because I am not a chickenshit. Well, more accurately, I'm a chickenshit, but Rob (see above) is a good friend, and a brave man. Particularly when it comes to someone else's very necessary acts of courage and fearlessness.

Whee. :) We're going to play pool. I'll post the gory, horrific details afterward. I'm sure it'll be boring as the following post will be. But suck it up, Buttercups. You can skip over it and move on to Orangette or MimiSmartypants if you want real entertainment. Hell, if you wanted entertainment, you certainly wouldn't be here. But I'm glad you are. :)

And now...on with the post.

The longest chat in the world

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The really long AIM chat to end all really long AIM chats. You can skip over this post, because it's dull....and only important to me.

Unless you've been enjoying watching me dither and squirm and obsess about boys. In which case, you should be shot. Because frankly, it's so high-school that I find it personally mortifying. But I'm posting it anyway, so that I can remind myself how silly and stupid I have been in the past. So that I don't repeat the same mistakes twice....or several times. :) Enjoy. Or skip. Your choice.

BTW, have I mentioned how happy this makes me?

Sadie (9:20:50 PM): if a boy touches your hair while you're asleep...does that mean he likes you?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:22:31 PM): If a boy touches my hair while I'm asleep, then something bad is going to happen to him when I wake up.
Sadie (9:22:51 PM): okay, me then.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:22:54 PM): If a boy touches _your_ hair while you're asleep... I dunno. If it was a clandestine thing, I'd find it rather creepy.
Sadie (9:22:55 PM): what about me?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:23:14 PM): I think circumstances matter a lot here.
Sadie (9:23:46 PM): separate couches, heads to the same corner.
Sadie (9:23:58 PM): smooching on a previous occasion, however none at this time.
Sadie (9:24:11 PM): I felt that the window was closed...wasn't happy, but figured the window was closed.
Sadie (9:24:44 PM): I'd felt the recently shaved head earlier in the evening. I was amenable to the was just unexpected.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:25:08 PM): Certainly seems affectionate to me.
Sadie (9:25:16 PM): I had finally just fallen asleep--I thought he was long since asleep. And then, my hair was cuddled.
Sadie (9:25:40 PM): which is okay...I liked it. Made a happy noise--after the startled "AHH!" one. And stayed asleep.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:26:00 PM): :)
Sadie (9:26:29 PM): so it's a good thing, yes?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:26:49 PM): Yes.
Sadie (9:27:08 PM): okay. I just need to not send mixed signals...and get clear about reading the ones that are really there.
Sadie (9:27:24 PM): Neither he nor I seem to be very good at this flirting stuff.
Sadie (9:30:43 PM): why are boys so freaking complicated?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:31:52 PM): Why are girls?
Sadie (9:32:03 PM): we're not.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:32:09 PM): Nor are boys.
Sadie (9:32:10 PM): We're just chickenshit.
Sadie (9:32:14 PM): sure you are.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:32:22 PM): I'm certainly just chickenshit.
Sadie (9:32:38 PM): if you weren't complicated, after the hair might have suggested (not YOU, but the general YOU) oh...gee...I don't know...COFFEE?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:32:51 PM): Yeah, but he's chickenshit.
Sadie (9:33:08 PM): that makes two of us.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:33:08 PM): The general 'he' that means 'YOU' the general 'YOU'.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:33:10 PM): You know.
Sadie (9:33:19 PM): yes, I do.
Sadie (9:33:35 PM): but am I going to look like a needy loser if I force the issue? Because honestly? I feel like I"m being too pushy.
Sadie (9:33:56 PM): and I really haven't done much of anything.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:34:00 PM): How pushy are you being?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:34:10 PM): And I, with my finely calibrated sense of what is appropriate, will help you.
Sadie (9:34:13 PM): I'm not. I'm just busy obsessing instead.
Sadie (9:34:37 PM): Once upon a time, when I very first developed the crush...found out his number from Heidi and called it.
Sadie (9:35:01 PM): he said he was just getting out of a relationship (5 months) and was going out of town for a month to go sailing. But that when he got back, he'd like that.
Sadie (9:35:08 PM): So. Time passed. I moved on.
Sadie (9:35:35 PM): Then. We met at Heidi's about two months after the initial embarrassment of my phoning him.
Sadie (9:36:17 PM): we all went out--the boys ended up switching pubs to end up at the bar where Heidi and I were.
Sadie (9:37:03 PM): Paul and I sat together in the taxi, held hands...and smooched a bit back at the house. It was GOOD.
Sadie (9:37:21 PM): the Monday after (this was Saturday evening) he called me. We made plans for Thursday.
Sadie (9:37:41 PM): but the plans for Thursday were cancelled, because we forgot it was the long weekend, and he was supposed to be going out of town.
Sadie (9:38:21 PM): We bumped into each other at Heidi's because the 'going away' plans fell through and the boys were drinking at Robs (also Heidi's as they are roomies)
Sadie (9:38:28 PM): we all ended up at the same bar.
Sadie (9:39:07 PM): not much happened, in fact, I spent most of the evening talking with Dennis. (who I like immensely, but is married).
Sadie (9:39:24 PM): Paul and Dennis left from there to another bar. I stayed at Heidi and Rob's.
Sadie (9:39:27 PM): so then...nothing.
Sadie (9:39:28 PM): nothing.
Sadie (9:39:29 PM): nothing.
Sadie (9:39:46 PM): Sunday? I called him and left a message (it was Easter--I assumed busy-ness)
Sadie (9:39:52 PM): Monday, he called me back and left a message.
Sadie (9:39:58 PM): Tuesday? I called him back and left a message.
Sadie (9:40:40 PM): Nothing, until Saturday--when again, we ended up at the same bar. I spent a lot of time chatting with him--and his buddies--and flirting up a storm. We all went back to Heidi and Rob's.
Sadie (9:40:54 PM): there were 5 of us (Heidi, Rob, Paul, me, and Barclay)
Sadie (9:41:51 PM): heidi and rob went to bed, paul, barclay and I stayed up playing music and chatting.
Sadie (9:42:50 PM): Barclay left, and Paul and I decided to sleep.
Sadie (9:43:51 PM): sorry, I"m raving.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:44:20 PM): *hug*
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:44:24 PM): I thought you were storytelling.
Sadie (9:44:24 PM): Paul said he wanted the close couch, even though it had all my blankets set up on it. I said he could have the couch, but I got to keep the blankets.
Sadie (9:44:44 PM): yes, but I require your input so that I don't feel I"m burning out your eyeballs.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:44:53 PM): My eyeballs have not burned.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:44:55 PM): Continue.
Sadie (9:45:13 PM): I've been spending ALL my time obsessing about this crap, so...I don't want to wear out my only objective bystanding friend's welcome. :)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:45:22 PM): That's un-possible.
Sadie (9:45:30 PM): okay. So. fine...I made up the other couch...we chatted a bit.
Sadie (9:46:00 PM): it was 5:30 am, so we were both exhausted. So he was almost asleep...and I got up for some more water. (water is your friend)
Sadie (9:46:15 PM): I was a little wired. Not to mention still a little (okay, a lot) loaded.
Sadie (9:47:48 PM): I asked him quite randomly, "Do you play pool?"
Sadie (9:48:03 PM): he mumbled, "I love pool. Why? Do you play pool?"
Sadie (9:48:13 PM): "Badly, yes. But I have moments of glory."
Sadie (9:48:46 PM): "We should play pool some time." (he was mumbling though, because he was nearly asleep.)
Sadie (9:49:03 PM): "yeah...sure." I said.
Sadie (9:49:13 PM): Then I went to my sofa.
Sadie (9:49:54 PM): We were laying head to a right angle.
Sadie (9:50:34 PM): we were chatting, but we were both sleepy.
Sadie (9:51:07 PM): I said "May I touch your head again?" He said, "Sure--it feels nice."
Sadie (9:51:21 PM): so I laughed, rubbed his head, and said "g'night" and went to sleep.
Sadie (9:52:48 PM): Then--I was just passed out...
Sadie (9:52:54 PM): and my hair was smooshed.
Sadie (9:53:23 PM): which was good...but scared the crap out of me. Then, it was nice. :)
Sadie (9:53:38 PM): but morning? Nothing but regular friendly banter.
Sadie (9:53:48 PM): lovely, but noncommittal.
Sadie (9:53:54 PM): so do I phone?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:54:01 PM): Yus.
Sadie (9:54:07 PM): or do I wait?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:54:12 PM): I think you should ask him to coffee and/or pool.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:54:15 PM): Preferably pool.
Sadie (9:54:17 PM): I already did once.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:54:23 PM): When?
Sadie (9:54:29 PM): WAAAAAAY back at the beginning.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:54:32 PM): Psh.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:54:40 PM): Ask him to pool.
Sadie (9:54:45 PM): *SIGH*
Sadie (9:55:00 PM): whyfor me? Whyfor not him?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (9:55:09 PM): Ok, call him up and tell him to ask you to pool.
Sadie (9:55:09 PM): is he a coward? And do I really want to date a coward?
Sadie (9:55:14 PM): *laugh*
Sadie (9:55:22 PM): Now that....that I might do.
Sadie (9:55:35 PM): He's a busy man though...I've never met anyone as busy as me.
Sadie (9:56:09 PM): he was muttering the other night while he was almost asleep...
Sadie (9:56:18 PM): about how he had such an odd life.
Sadie (9:56:24 PM): and I said, "odd how?"
Sadie (9:57:07 PM): it was because he sails all the time, and he'll never get rich at it...and that people think it's odd how dedicated he is to his sailing.
Sadie (9:57:13 PM): and I said--what I honestly thought.
Sadie (9:57:58 PM): which is, "But if it's your passion--you have to do it. How many people are able to do exactly what they love to do...for a living? If you don't need to be rich, then why does it matter if other people get it or not?"
Sadie (9:58:42 PM): because really? How many people do YOU (the real you, not the generic one) know that live their passion? That even know what their passion IS?
Sadie (9:59:12 PM): I can count the ones I know on one hand with fingers left over.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:00:04 PM): How many people have a proper passion?
Sadie (10:00:15 PM): exactly.
Sadie (10:00:26 PM): So I don't think it's weird. I think its fascinating.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:00:33 PM): Indeedy.
Sadie (10:00:47 PM): then, after the apprentice, I need to call him.
Sadie (10:00:54 PM): I'm going to do it.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:00:55 PM): Excellent.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:00:59 PM): I know you are.
Sadie (10:01:07 PM): I will need to be reminded.
Sadie (10:01:12 PM): I know I"m excellent ;)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:01:18 PM): I know it too.
Sadie (10:01:31 PM): so there you have it...girl-think.
Sadie (10:01:45 PM): and you really think we're complicated?
Sadie (10:02:14 PM): You know...I may just copy and paste this conversation in lieu of a blog post. It'd be easier than typing it all out a gain.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:02:25 PM): You've heard me bibble and babble for weeks. Do you think I'm complicated?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:02:30 PM): I sure don't.
Sadie (10:02:46 PM): I don't think you've EVER babbled as much as I just did.
Sadie (10:02:57 PM): at least, not with so much excruciating detail.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:03:05 PM): It wasn't excruciating.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:07:06 PM): So when is The Apprentice over?
Sadie (10:08:46 PM): 11:00

<*Some witty banter about illegal downloading and the fact that I will not pay nine whole freaking cents for a song!*>

Sadie (10:54:43 PM): I'm a little disconcerted by the sheer number of songs by various artists named 'Doomed'
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:54:49 PM): Egad.

Sadie (10:56:47 PM): argh. Andrea got fired.
Sadie (10:56:49 PM): that makes it time.
Sadie (10:56:56 PM): it's 11:00 though, too late to phone people.
Sadie (10:57:01 PM): I could call tomorrow.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:57:07 PM): ... wait a minute.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:57:22 PM): You said you were going to call after the Apprentice, knowing it'd be 11.
Sadie (10:57:28 PM): yes, I did.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:57:30 PM): You knew!
Sadie (10:57:32 PM): but I don't call people at 11.
Sadie (10:57:33 PM): I knew.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:57:45 PM): I am giving you my absolute BEST glare right now.
Sadie (10:57:45 PM): I still know that he'll be awake...because he'd be watching Apprentice.
Sadie (10:57:51 PM): but.
Sadie (10:57:51 PM): but.
Sadie (10:57:52 PM): but.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:57:53 PM): NO.
Sadie (10:57:58 PM): <jelly guts>
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:58:04 PM): Pick it up and dial it.
Sadie (10:58:10 PM): but what...if...
Sadie (10:58:12 PM): you know.
Sadie (10:58:15 PM): ARGH.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:58:21 PM): I know everything. So call him.
Sadie (10:58:33 PM): you are the suckiest friend that ever did suck.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (10:58:42 PM): I'm ok with that so long as you call.
Sadie (10:58:53 PM): ringing.
Sadie (10:58:56 PM): you SUCK.

Sadie (11:02:26 PM): :)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:03:01 PM): :)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:03:14 PM): Smilies are good.
Sadie (11:08:53 PM): okay, you don't suck.
Sadie (11:09:00 PM): thank you for being my spine.
Sadie (11:09:11 PM): *HUG*
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:09:16 PM): *HUGS*
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:09:18 PM): How did it go?
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:09:21 PM): Dish!
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:09:36 PM): I had to be strong and not cave in the face of your unhappiness, so I deserve to know.
Sadie (11:09:41 PM): so...I dialed, even as I was telling you how much you sucked, it was ringing.
Sadie (11:09:59 PM): he answered with "Hello, Sadie!"
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:10:14 PM): He's clever.
Sadie (11:10:16 PM): I laughed and said, "hello! Is it too late to call you?"
Sadie (11:10:19 PM): his phone is clever.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:10:23 PM): Ah.
Sadie (11:10:27 PM): if he was clever, he'd have phoned me himself. :)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:10:29 PM): He's clever for owning a clever phone.
Sadie (11:10:33 PM): true that.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:10:36 PM): Clever but perhaps chickenshit.
Sadie (11:10:49 PM): he doesn't smell like chickenshit.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:11:02 PM): Good.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:11:07 PM): That's a definite plus.
Sadie (11:11:11 PM): so. He said, "'s not too late. I'm just watching some penguins marching."
Sadie (11:11:34 PM): I said, "what? Already? Wasn't it apprentice night?"
Sadie (11:11:43 PM): He said "yeah, but it just's already over."
Sadie (11:11:59 PM): I was like "But it only JUST've already moved on to penguins? You're that fickle?"
Sadie (11:12:39 PM): he laughed and said..."yes...but it's because I have a satellite."
Sadie (11:13:08 PM): I observed that he wasn't the only crazy person out sailing yesterday...we talked about the sunshine...and about the park.
Sadie (11:13:23 PM): see--I was thinking yesterday that he can't go to the park with me, even though it's one of my favourite places.
Sadie (11:13:33 PM): because I like to climb and hike there...and that's hard to do in a wheelchair.
Sadie (11:13:54 PM): anyway...that's an aside for another day.
Sadie (11:14:12 PM): we talked about the seagull that was eating the baby penguin.
Sadie (11:14:25 PM): I got extra-credit points for knowing how penguins carry their babies around. :)
Sadie (11:14:41 PM): we talked about prison break, and about the Apprentice.
Sadie (11:14:57 PM): then, I said..."So....It's 11:00."
Sadie (11:15:06 PM): he said, "yes, it is...?"
Sadie (11:15:11 PM): I said..."So..."
Sadie (11:15:22 PM): then I said... (note how eloquent I was?)
Sadie (11:15:46 PM): "So...I was wondering...if you wanted to try again to get together some time, or Not...?"
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:16:00 PM): Capital 'Not'
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:16:02 PM): Nuanced.
Sadie (11:16:05 PM): (At this point, I'd just like to say...ARGH! and yes, capital Not.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:16:09 PM): :)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:16:14 PM): It's endearing.
Sadie (11:16:25 PM): I needed to know. And Not is okay, so long as I know.
Sadie (11:16:48 PM): he said..."I was thinking about that yesterday--that we should play some of that pool we were talking about the other night."
Sadie (11:17:20 PM): Considering that I thought he was 90%asleep at the time, and I was doubtful that the plan would come to fruition, I was impressed that it had occurred to him.
Sadie (11:17:42 PM): I said, "Sure...that'd be nice. When would be good for you?"
Sadie (11:18:11 PM): He said, "One of the other guys that I sail with wanted to get together some time this week and do boat I don't know when that another night would be good...."
Sadie (11:18:30 PM): I said...."Ummm.?????" (WTF was implied)
Sadie (11:18:39 PM): he said, "How about Thursday?"
Sadie (11:19:09 PM): I said, "I work Thursday, so..." (I was preparing to be put off for another which time the window would be SOUNDLY closed.)
Sadie (11:19:19 PM): he said, "What about tomorrow?"
Sadie (11:19:29 PM): I said, "Tomorrow's good. :)"
Sadie (11:20:14 PM): so he has a meeting at 5:00, then he's in bedford (where I live) so he'll be picking me up around 7 or 7:30 and we'll be going 'to some cozy little pub somewhere'.
Sadie (11:20:19 PM): <beam>
Sadie (11:20:34 PM): so I said, "Good, that'll give me time to go to the gym after work still."
Sadie (11:21:02 PM): He said, "well, there's no real rush, you can do your stuff?"
Sadie (11:21:14 PM): I said, "no-no...just arranging my day."
Sadie (11:21:40 PM): oh yeah...back up bit--when I said "Ummm?????" after the 'there's a guy who might have plans' bit...he said "I don't have a calendar..."
Sadie (11:21:58 PM): i said, "Perhaps you should? *grin* Are you sure you're not going out of town this week or something? *grin*"
Sadie (11:22:06 PM): he laughed...then commenced with the tomorrow plan.
Sadie (11:22:22 PM): so it was good...but I indicated that I'd felt shunned. Which I did.
Sadie (11:22:31 PM): but no longer do, as we are going out tomorrow. :)
Sadie (11:22:52 PM): but if something happens now? That's it. Done. :) No more obsessing, no more futzing.
Sadie (11:22:57 PM): <SIGH>
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:23:27 PM): *hug*
Sadie (11:23:28 PM): so thanks. :) You're not the biggest sucker that ever did suck. You're a good friend. Who can force me into doing things even from a 5 hour time differential.
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:23:30 PM): You done good.
Sadie (11:23:37 PM): I done, anyway. :)
The Coolest Guy in the Universe (11:23:46 PM): Admittedly, I'd have felt like a bit of a heel had it not gone well.
Sadie (11:24:04 PM): no, because then I'd at least have known...and could move on.
Sadie (11:24:10 PM): I don't LIKE feeling silly about boys.
Sadie (11:24:25 PM): although, it's kinda neat having butterflies a LITTLE bit.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hair cut day!

So...these photos are copywrighted so I can't steal them. You'll just have to go to the websites and see what I look like. :)

It's mostly like THIS...but with the part and bangs of THIS. I love it. I even went out and bought a straight iron this afternoon to be sure that I can do it on my own another time. I'm such a sucker.

Anyway...less cranky this morning, and if I can avoid Dom today, I'll even be uncranky all weekend. Here's hoping!


**WARNING:  This post contains scenes of violence and foul language.  This post may not be suitable for all readers.  Your discretion is advised. **
Two gym days in a row.  I feel great.
My food hasn't been as good as it could have been, but it hasn't been terrible either.  So I'm overall content. 
Except that my body has decided it hates me.  I've grown acidic all of a sudden.  I have a huge canker sore under my tongue.  I've broken out, ALL OVER.  My chest, my face, my's bizarre.  I don't know what's going on.  I'm not even stressed out about anything.  It's bizarre.  Anyw ay...this too shall pass, I'm sure.
I have tomorrow off, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I have a haircut scheduled for lunch time, and other than getting some bloodwork done (finally!) and a gym-date with Heidi, I have no plans.  It's supposed to be much nicer than it has been the last few days.  Today was downright miserable.  Yesterday?  It freaking SNOWED.  Stupid weather.
It's the 20th of the month, and I still have no rent.  Last night he came home ranting about almost quitting.  I couldn't imagine living my life like he does.  I mean, other people have issues with how my financial stability isn't as 'stable' as it could be.  But his life?  Yikes.  It's enough to drive me to drink.  Except that I'm (temporarily) on the wagon.  I've been spending too much money the last few weekends, so I'm going to be cutting back on the expenses the next few days as well.  That way?  I can feel safer in case I have to kick his ass to the curb.
I've been blogstalking lately, and I found a whole bunch of new blogs that I love.  I've also been reading so much that I've had very little to talk about.  Lots, but little.  You know? 
Oh lookie...the roomie just got home.  And he appears to be drunk.  He'd better be drunk and bringing me my fucking rent $$.  He just turned on the TV in his room incredibly loud.   I'm not keen on this.  Unless it helps him to count better.  Because he'd best be counting out the cash.  Asstard.
Patt Quinn got fired today.  This makes me sad.  While I've never beeen a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I have always been a fan of Pat Quinn.  I'm hoping that he finds himself a new coaching job some time soon.  Preferably for a team I can stand to watch. 
Fucker.  My roomie just gave me my rent.  And told me a slightly different story than he did last night.  Last night, he said that he 'threatened to quit' if they didn't smarten up.  Tonight?  Tonight he tells me that he quit last night.  And that today?  He only went in at 2:00 to talk to the owners because they begged him not to leave.  He managed to keep his job, and apparently got himself an extra buck an hour raise.  We shall see.
Anyway...I think this means that the fucker and I have to have a very serious conversation tomorrow, or at least this weekend, about his living arrangements and his continued residence in my apartment.  He's paid until the end of the month.  Then we'll see.  Fuckwad.
Remind me next time I decide to be nice to almost strangers that it backfires?  Remind me that I really don't ENJOY being a good person, and I don't want to be fucked by someone who I certainly don't want to kiss me first.  I hate that some asswipe can cause me to feel bad about trusting people.  So remind me.  Save us all this bilious ranting.  Fucker.'s your post in real time.  Like 24, you've experienced my evening right along with me.  Feel free to come up with lovely scenarios as to how I should deal with the fuckwad.  Ask yourself this question...."What would Jack Bauer do?"

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Wow...I've wasted pretty much my entire afternoon blogstalking new blogs. I found a whole lot of new favourites. My favourites list is getting far too long. I think that rather than updating my sidebar, I'm going to have to figure out how to use the Blogroll or Technorati links. Stinking technical crap...I'm not looking forward to that. But I think that in the long run it'll be much easier than typing out all the individual links into my template.

I found a lot of blogs by singles from all over. Which is refreshing, considering that mostly what I read are 'mommy-blogs'. Not that I dislike them because if I didn't like it I wouldn't read it. I enjoy a lot of mommy-blogs. Mostly the ones where the mommy's don't forget that they're people too. But it's refreshing to find blogs of people that I seem to have a bit more in common with.

Strangely though, I don't have anything really in common with these people except that we're all equipped with borderline neuroses and an inability to find a mate. The anxious dating tales reassure me that I'm not the only one obsessing about the mixed signals men and women always manage to send one another. It reminds me that I'm not nearly as messed up as the rest of the world. allows me to make my mistakes vicariously rather than first-hand. Because honestly? I'm no bar-ho.

I have been smooch-tastic lately, but even considering kissing two boys in a month--that's not a lot. There are girls out there that find new boys to smooch several days a week. I have a name for those girls and it's not flattering. I'm always afraid that I'll be tarred with the same brush as that with which I paint those girls. So I'm obsessively careful to not be trampy. Even though--sometimes? It'd just be hecka fun.

Today has been post-filled and you're not going to know what hit you. It's probably going to have to tide you over for a few days as I close both Monday and Tuesday. I have a gym-date with Heidi on Wednesday.

I've written off hooking up with Paul, as it's Sunday and he has not called to set up alternate arrangements for this week. I realize it's a long weekend and there could be family obligations, etc. But tough. I've determined that I'm not going to be all sloppy and needy like I was with Fly-boy. If he was interested, he'd have picked up the freaking phone. I much prefer my independent, confident self to the mush-filled, queasy, insecure version of myself. It's the one that I'm determined to embrace again.

BTW, have I mentioned that it's my birthday in 2 weeks? Yep. It's a Tuesday, and we're going out to drink ourselves into forgetting. Well, my friends are coming out for moral support.

I know I promised my liver some time off, but really--16 days should be lots of time to recover. Anybody want to join a bevy of beautiful girls on May 2 in downtown Halifax? It's the point when I officially become a cougar. God, I hate that idea. I'll no longer be 'thirty-something'--I'll be 'late thirties'. *{shudder}*

Time for bed. Must catch up on my sleep for the weekend, and catch up on my reading of poorly written smut. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Have a happy week folks--I'm planning on it. :)

Sunday's Web Wasters

Came across this earlier. Man, I really need to not waste my entire Sunday afternoons websurfing. I should do things like clean my apartment and hang my photos. Yeah. Whatever. Here, have a quiz. It's all accurate, even the part about the drinking and dancing. I dance MUCH better sober--having better motor control and all.

You Are A Margarita Martini
You are a full on partier, with a good deal of sass and spunk.You're always friendly and welcoming - and very tolerant of obnoxious drunks.
You should never: Drink and dance. The pictures will be everywhere the next morning!
Your ideal party: Is loud, with good music and fun drinking games.
Your drinking soulmates: Those with a Dirty Martini personality
Your drinking rivals: Those with a Classic Martini personality

stupid searches

I was just checking out the searches that lead random strangers to my page. The best (until now) was one of someone looking for photos of busses. But today? Someone found me while looking for photos of naked girls. *boggle* Don't get it--but I'm pretty confident that they were sorely disappointed. *snicker*

The time of the snack is happy.

The time of the snack? It's happy.

And this sales ad? Hilarious.


Two fat people are looking to dump their Excel 395 Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike for $100 OBO.

Although we don’t know from a lot of firsthand experience, this terrific bike comes with:
- Adjustable seat (extra large to accommodate even the biggest caboose)
- Adjustable tension (which apparently would have been an excellent cardiovascular workout, had we ever gotten past the second level)
- Computerized speed, distance, odometer, timer, and calorie display
- Less than 250 miles on the odometer
- Cup holder (and, really, isn’t everything better with a cup holder?)

Don’t need an exercise bike? No problem!

The Excel 395 also makes a great clothes-drying rack.

And hope chest.

Please buy our bike and get it out of our house so it’s no longer a daily reminder of how we failed in our quest for fitness. Also? We’re tired of dusting it.Thanks!

P.S. It will fit in an SUV, but we can also deliver it for an additional fee, although do you want two sweaty fat people having simultaneous heart attacks in your stairwell?

P.P.S. Naturally, we’ll need cash because we’ll probably use the money for pie.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hello? Liver?

This is the weekend that my liver finally moves out. After the abuse that it has taken from me this weekend, I cannot imagine even the weakest of livers sticking around. And it’s only going to get worse.

It has been a busy weekend of socializing. Which is good, considering it was one of my two New Year’s resolutions. I resolved to be more social with more interesting people. And so far? Doing well.

Thursday night I had originally had plans to go out on a date with Paul. He called up on Wednesday because both of us had not considered that Thursday was the start of the long weekend. He was supposed to be going out of town with the boys, and wanted to see if we could reschedule for Wednesday instead. I didn’t get the message until after I had already made plans of my own. (Long walk along the waterfront, fresh air, exercise—good times.) So I called back and said “No problem, maybe some time next week. Let me know.”

Thursday, I had then determined it would be a gym day, followed by The Cleaning of Up. The apartment is a write-off, and I really need to spend some quality time at home. I thought this weekend would be a good opportunity for that. Boy, was I wrong.

So, I called Heidi and asked if she wanted to hook up after work and hit the gym. She said yes, but when she came to meet me at the store after work, she waffled. And I’m such a die-hard gym rat, that I waffled with her. We did errands, hit the grocery store, and determined that beer was in order. We stocked up for the weekend, and determined that later that evening we would get together and just have a few drinks and chat.

Later, she twisted my rubber arm and suggested we go downtown to the Pogue Fado. Sounds like fun. I did not intend to abuse my liver on Thursday, it just happened that way. I got to Heidi’s with clothes and beer in tow, to find that the boys’ trip to the valley had been cancelled and they were at Heidi and Rob’s drinking too. So we all hung around a while, drank a lot, and went to the Middle Deck instead. We didn’t even get there until after midnight! I am such a party fiend.

So I crashed at Heidi’s on Thursday night (There was a lot of drama at the bar—much as I enjoy Rob’s friends, I can’t hang out with Heidi and Rob together at the same time very often. My drama tolerance is not that good) and bussed it home on Friday morning.

Friday, I tidied around, downloaded music (Horrors!) all morning, and did laundry. It was a good day. I was invited to Lynn and Joanne’s for Easter dinner, so around 2:00 I went over there. I made my apologies upon arrival that due to my internal organ abuse of the evening before I would be unable to partake of the homemade wine consumption planned for the evening. After the third glass, I changed my mind. Dinner was great, the conversation was great, the hors d’oeuvres were great, and the wine? The wine was excellent. All 6 bottles of it. We drank. A lot. At about 10:00 I stumbled my way out to the bus stop and cruised on home.

Today? Today I had to work at 10:00…that meant leaving the house at 8:30 am. Saturday bus schedules stink. Work has been insanely intense, but fun. I love it when it’s busy. We did more sales in my flooring department today that some of our smaller stores will do in a week in the entire building. *{flex}* That makes me feel all superior and impressive. (Come on—oooh, aaaah, you know you want to!)

And tonight? Tonight we have had a pre-planned girls-night-out for quite some time. Tonight is day three of my wholehearted attempt to pickle my liver. I’m doing a mighty fine job of it, I must say. Thus far, I have had no headaches, no hangovers, and no sickness whatsoever. Nevertheless, I feel strongly that it’s only a matter of time before the cirrhosis sets in. I’m wondering if it is too early to get onto a donor list now?

We are off to the Lower Deck again tonight. I know it’s my favourite place on earth and all? But even I’m starting to get a little tired of it. I’m beginning to feel that if I don’t find a new place to go, the Lower Deck will lose some of its magic and not be my Happy Place™ anymore. And that saddens me greatly. But the girls want to go there, and who am I to disappoint? Nobody, that’s who. I’m a trouper. And what’s more important? I’m no quitter. That is why my liver and I are going to continue on our quest for the first live embalming in the history of humankind. If not embalming, at least a good pickling.

Domenic’s gone to Toronto for the Easter holiday, so I’m single, footloose and fancy-free until Tuesday. And I hope to enjoy it a bunch. I may do nothing tomorrow but wander naked around the apartment. Hopefully, I’ll be nursing an extra-large coffee all morning and I won’t be nursing an headache at the same time. Time will tell.

I hope you all have a great Easter and a lovely Saturday night. I’ll be back tomorrow. If you see my liver anywhere? Give it your sympathy, but please ask it to come back home. I promise to be nicer to it next week.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

BrokeHeart Mountain

I just finished watching Brokeback Mountain, and it was an excellent film.  The cinematography was excellent, and the love story? So sad.  So very sad.
And Heath Ledger?  So lovely to look at.  So very lovely.  And sad...did I mention that?  What is it with my thing for handsome men who are sadlooking and uncommunicative?  (confer: my other love, Wentworth Miller, from Prison Break.)
The only complaint I have about the entire film is the sound.  It was far too quiet!  Because these are surly cowboys, they tend to mumble.  And with no boost to the audio?  It's really hard to figure out what they are saying a lot of the time.  I was sitting almost on top of my computer watching it on my DVD player, and I *still* had issues hearing things.  Like the last line.  I had to Google it--afte I watched it 8 times, that is.  It really sucks to have to rewind the very poignant final scene in order to try and glean one last tidbit of deep meaning.  Fwah.
Anyway, it was wonderful.
And speaking of unrequited...Paul called earlier tonight.  Not until after I had already made plans though.  He didn't realize that Thursday was the beginning of the long weekend.  The long weekend that he was supposed to be in the Valley with his buddies.  So he called to apologize and see if we could try for tonight instead.  But I was out at the gym, and got home far too late.  So.  Some time next week.  Yeah...I'm beginning to wonder if I smell bad or something. :)
I know that he wasn't brushing me off, because he was very disappointed when I already had plans--and he was eager to set up something for next week.  But.  I don't have my schedule home tonight, and I don't want to make plans that are going to get brushed off again.  So I suggested we wait until next week to make any alternate arrangements.
It just stinks, because Dom's going to Toronto this weekend and won't be home until Tuesday night.  It would have been a good weekend to have a guest for dinner or a movie or something.  Oh well.  There's bound to be other times. :)
Time for bed, it's 12:40am and I have to be up for work at 5:00.  Bleh. :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Tonight was a rough night at work.

I deal with problems. It's what I do. And quite frankly, I'm pretty darn good at it. It's because I have empathy. I can generally manage to put myself into the customer's shoes. I am able to see all the sides of a situation, and almost always come up with a mutually agreeable solution. But. Sometimes, even I have my limits. I have to tell you, it's really difficult to muster up any sympathy for a 'customer' that is still in my store 20 minutes after we closed, trying to make a purchase with a credit card number scribbled on a slip of paper.

If this is you? Piss off. Shop somewhere else. Get the hell out of my building, and realize that your insistence on breaking the very cardholder agreement that you signed with your credit card issuer is costing me time and money. Every 5 minutes of my time that you waste arguing with me that you're honest and I'm an evil bitch for not trusting you, even though you have brought no photo ID with you, no cards, and you're attempting to purchase an order worth more than $500--means another 5 minutes that I have to pay over 30 associates to wait on your sorry ass. It's another 5 minutes that I have to fork out for the power to run the lights in a 145,000 square foot building. And more importantly, it's me, wasting my breath for another 5 minutes trying to explain in a calm, polite, and rational manner...that you're a freaking moron. Have a heart. Come back tomorrow. With your credit card. And an attitude adjustment...because honest? If I ever find out where the fuck you work? You'd better be prepared. Because one day you'll all witness what happens--on the newest reality TV show on Fox-- "When Good Retailers Go Bad."

Other than a few choice consumers (coming up on a full moon!) today was pretty much okay. Busy, but okay. Tonight, sucked ass. But, meh, they can't all be stellar.

My internet is acting up tonight, which blows dead goats as well. So I'm writing myself an email, and hoping that once my internet connection decides to kick back in, that you'll all get to see this super-deluxe post. And if not, you haven't really missed much.

I had microwave popcorn for dinner.

I started to make pasta sauce, but I got bored and had popcorn instead. With butter on it. Does anybody else do that? Light microwave popcorn with enough butter to drown a rat melted on top? Kinda defeats the purpose, I know. But it tastes so good! And I use pepper. I'm a pepper fiend. But tonight? It was all about the butter. So delicious.

Tomorrow? Call work to clear up the seventy-four billion calls I received tonight...then, spend my day off doing crap I've been putting off. I need to go and get some bloodwork done, hit the gym, drop off a ton of crap at the Salvation Army box (easier if I had a freaking CAR!), and clear the last of the crap out of my bedroom. Not that I need my bedroom to be wheelchair accessible for Thursday, but it'd be nice if it at least looked that way when I give the 5 cent apartment tour. :)

Errands--great way to spend my day off. Actually, it makes me feel good to have a plan--even if I only get two things done, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something good. :)

Have a great day, folks. Hasta manyana.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Very tired, so this will be short. Just a quick update--Paul called back the second Prison Break was over and I laughed quite hard.

We chatted a little bit, and we're getting together on Thursday to do something. That something was not specified, and I'm not going to clean my room for it...but it'll be fun whatever it is. I'm thinking a walk by the waterfront? I will suggest pool and he can either accept or decline. I'm working on the assumption that he can do anything short of rock climbing, and that he'll let me know if he can't.

Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to chatting a bit, and smooching a bit. :) Whee.

In more serious news--I had to get a new bank card today. Mine is AWOL and has been since staying at Heidi's on Saturday night. I emailed her to get her to look in the couch...and that's when she started asking questions. "Which sofa did you sleep on? I though Paul was sleeping on the white couch?" I played stupid and volunteered nothing except that we had been sitting on the white couch talking. (Which is true--we just did most of the talking between smooches.)

The sad part about my bank card is that I had a GREAT number on the old one. I used it all the time for online and telephone banking, so I loved my easy to remember number. It was a FANTASTIC number. And now, it's gone. If only I had had cash in my wallet, I'd have gotten them to just send me a replacement card with the same number. But I really didn't think that the $4 I had on me would last me until Friday. Not at the rate I drink caffeinated beverages, it wouldn't. So instead, I am sad.

Except that I'm happy because I have a date on Thursday. And since Friday's a holiday, I can stay up late on a school night. *Grin*

But tonight? It's already past my bedtime. I'm beat. Have a great day tomorrow, folks.

Monday, April 10, 2006


So...He just called me.  And to prove what a great choice he is, once he identified himself, he asked what I was doing.  "Watchin' Prison Break."
"Oh no--that's a great show.  I'll call you back later."
"*laugh*  Are you sure?  Like 20 minutes?"
"Not a problem--I'm going to go catch the ending too."
Not many men understand my obsession with television shows.  Kzelly knew not to EVER phone me during the West Wing--because I don't answer the phone.  And now?  Prison Break is my poison of choice.  And I wouldn't have answered the phone now, either, if I hadn't been hoping that Paul would call. *grin*
And he did.  More later. :)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Better late than never?

I have been falling behind in my blogstalking--I got tagged for something and didn't even realize now, a week later, I'm going to follow through.

I was tagged by Charles over at KissMyEntireAss.

If tagged, you need to post 6 things about yourself, and tag 6 more people.


1. I'm a very poor housekeeper. I have better things to do with my time.

2. I'm a workaholic. I love my work, I love being at work, and I love being good at my job.

3. I've become somewhat of a man-magnet lately. I don't know what it is, but...Wowza! I'm liking it. I just wish it was people that I was actually interested in.

4. I have a short attention span--I hit 3 things and then had to walk away for a couple of hours to come up with 3 more.

5. I love to read. I'd rather read a terrible book than go out with friends. I get sucked into the story, obsess about the characters, and want to know what happens next MORE than I want to go out and create my own story. (This is true, even for books I have already read 4 or 5 times. I'm sick, I know.)

6. I love to kiss. A quote about kissing: "Kissing is a way of getting two people so close together than they can't see anything wrong with each other." (may not be exact, I can't be bothered to go and look it up. I don't know who ever said it.)

So there's my 6 things. I don't believe in these taggy things, because I look at them kind of like chain letters. However, if you'd like to play too--please feel free. (I'd be particularly interested in reading you, you, you, you, you, and of course--YOU.)

I am so very hungry. I really don't feel like cooking. Thanks be for precooked roasts. I have recently discovered this modern marvel, and by the gods, they're delicious. Far too pricey to feed a family, but for two people in a hurry? Amazing. And for me? I get at least 3 meals out of one. This is only my second one, but I'm already a fan.


I don't know if any of you remember THIS phone call in my life. Well...Yesterday was an interesting evening. :)

Heidi called me up to see if I wanted to go out...And I did, because I'd had a really rather dull Friday night. So we decided on my happy place, and she came to pick me up to get ready at her place. I was already set when she came, so we just went there to drink. Sounds silly, but it saves $15 in cab fare if we start from her place instead of mine, even though I only live 5 or 10 minutes away.

Rob (her roomie/boyfriend/nemesis) was having some of his buddies in to drink before THEY headed downtown too. I really like Rob's friends--they're clever, and fun, and grown up. I like his friends a hell of a lot more than I like him. But that's a tale for another day.

So I was sitting drinking Corona and chatting with Paul (my Mc.Dreamy) and Dennis (we played board games once--he's the sexiest man I think I've ever met. Again, a tale for another day). We were all having a lovely time, the boys were headed to Pogue Fado and we were heading to The Lower Deck. Heidi and I bailed at 10 to head downtown.

At the bar, we were enjoying the band, and made some new friends. It's the friendliest place on earth, is the Lower Deck. The man to our immediate left was from Kitchener-Wloo who sells dog-tags for a living. He'd been in Halifax for some veterinary show. We also met another older man named Ron who reads palms. He read mine, so that was kinda fun. A load of hooey, but fun. :) He didn't like it that I was able to pick out 7 things about him without even touching his palm *grin* He found it quite spooky. I'm sure all the beer he'd had to drink didn't help much. :)

After a while, and several bathroom trips upstairs...Heidi was wanting to leave and go to the Pogue. I said no, I was having fun where we were, and why don't we just stay for a while? She went up to go to the bathroom, and came down again all happy and giggly. She had found Rob and the boys upstairs. Which was funny--because the only reason she'd wanted to leave was to see them.

So she went upstairs right away, and I stayed down for a bit and listened to the tail end of the band, and finished flirting with the engineer I'd just met. (He's just moved to Halifax this week--and he's very nice. If that matters to you.)

I went up, and commenced bantering indecently with Dennis. He's a brilliant man, who says the most outrageous things. Not wild, just things that people don't say out loud--but that they should. We had discussions about all kinds of things, including the difference between not acknowledging your own intelligence as being 'self-deprecating' or 'lying'. (his opinion was the former, but I called him on it, and then he realized that he was busted)

I haven't enjoyed a conversation as much since the first time I met him. We bantered, and laughed, and danced. "I think I'd like to sleep with you," he said. "Not that I'm hitting on you, but...I think that I'd really like to sleep with you."
"Thank you, that's a very nice thing to say." Thinking to myself, WOW. That's a remarkable thing to say. And very mutual. However. :)
"I'm really not hitting on you, because it wouldn't ever happen--but I thought you should know that I think I'd really enjoy that."
"*laugh* I appreciate that. It's not very PC, but I appreciate your actually saying so."
"You didn't just say 'PC', did you? Not 'Politically correct'?"
"I did."
"That's the first unoriginal thing I've ever heard you say. It's really beneath you."
"yes, well. These things happen. What else does one say when someone else's husband makes a statement like that? I'm appreciative, and I'm flattered,'s not terribly PC to respond in kind, now is it?"
"I see your point. Wanna dance?"

So times.

Anyway...back to the boy I had telephoned. He's back from his trip. He's over his relationship. And he's not allergic to coffee. Nor, apparently to me. So we chatted, and laughed, and shared the cab back to Heidi and Rob's...And held hands in the taxi, and he put his arm around me in the backseat while Heidi went into the store to pick up donairs. And he laughed because I was so impressed with the quick release wheels on his chair, and was happy because I asked if he wanted help up the hill without just reaching in to push. And after the food and music and chatting inside, we were sitting on the couch to talk, and he leaned in and kissed me. And I said, Wow. :)

I said that I had thought he wasn't interested, but that this appeared to be the opposite of not interested. He said "I was never not interested. I'm VERY interested. I was just trying to be honest about where I was at that point. I wasn't ready." I said, "Wow." (As you can see, I was terribly eloquent last night.)

So we were making out...And it was GOOD. And at one point I said, "We're going to get to do this again, right?" And he said, "If I have anything to say about it we are!" I laughed. We slept all snuggled up next to one another on the sofa. Uncomfortable, yet very comfortable all at once.

He drove me home this morning, which was nice. And trusted me to help with the steps on the deck without killing him. I was amazed--and very nervous! Anyway...He was sailing all day today, so we're likely going to hook up later this week. When we were talking before I got out of the van, he asked which building was mine (it's a condo complex, there's about 7 identical buildings) and I pointed it out. I also mentioned that my unit was on the ground floor, but was a major pain because there are 4 doors to get through to get to my apartment. He raised his eyebrow at me and grinned and said, "Well, maybe one day soon you can show me how much of a pain the doors are." "It would be my pleasure."

Anyway. Happiness abounds. And I'm about to have roast beef, which is the next best thing to sex in my book.

Happy Sunday, ladies and gentlemen.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

So amazing.

This is long, but well worth watching all the way through. The lyrics are amazing.

A bit graphic, but only in the cartoon blood kind of way.

Want to be that.

I have SOOOO been at this shower. Well, I've WANTED to do this at a shower, does that count? Makes you rethink making me play that stupid diaper pin game, doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The best post I've read in a long time. Not 100% apt today, but overall quite fitting.

I haven't felt lately like I've had anything of value to say. I have felt somewhat removed from my own day-to-day life. I'm not terribly focussed at work, and I can't seem to get up any desire to become more focused.

I got two really great compliments today--one from an installer who ran into some trouble on Saturday that I helped him out of, and another from a customer who's had some serious problems with a kitchen we supplied. I didn't think much of what I'd done to help the installer and his customer after I did it, because to me, it wasn't such a big deal. But to him, I guess it was something special. And the kitchen customer? He apparently couldn't stop saying nice things about me and how professionally I manage to deal with him every time he comes in. Which is impressive, considering that I figured he'd hate me. He's gotten quite the run around, so I'm glad I could do something to make him a little bit happier.

More later--I think I'm going to relocate my computer tonight. The antics and bitterness of the roomie have begun to bore me. I now have incentive to be a freaking bitch. Watch I go!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Anyone who knows me, knows how incredibly off-base this is. Although maybe I'm wrong. Chris? What's your opinion?

Slow and Steady
Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.
They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.
It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.
They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.
How Do People See You?