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Monday, September 25, 2006

In other news....



God bless Wentworth Miller.




Bored.  Work stinks.  Why am I not independently wealthy?   Why could I not learn to love/tolerate the crazy, rich boy?  Then I could stay home all day and do nothing but drink bourbon and eat bonbons.  Yeeeesssss….that’s the life to which I wish to become accustomed. 


That is all.  Thanks for coming by.  Please drive through.



My peeps.

...I was told just a little bit ago on YM, that I was letting 'my people' down by not posting regular updates as to my dating life.

Yikes. What pressure!

I know I haven't kept you posted (oh, pun...Didn't see it coming, I swear) lately...i.e. For the last month. And there have been a lot of developments. Which I will do my best to fill you in on...But it's going to be point form, folks. The fact that I'm tired, combined with my sieve-like memory, means that there are bound to be a lot of holes in the storyline and in the chronology. So bear with me.

Labour Day Weekend-- I went camping at Kejimkujik National Park. Bill came with me. He met me down there on Friday night, and we stayed until Monday. Heather and Nathan came down on Saturday and stayed over until Sunday. There was FREEZING cold weather, so there was unexpected snuggling. (I have to admit, I was HOPING for snuggling, but didn't EXPECT it at all, as I was not about to initiate!) Then the snuggling led to smooching. Which was pretty good, to be honest.

Monday of Labour Day weekend, I slammed my thumb in the trunk of my car. There was much swearing. I am still waiting for the nail to grow itself off. I took its photo, but it's not very clear, I'm afraid. I also cannot manage to upload it for some unknown reason. Suffice to say, it's not terribly pretty. Good thing I don't place a lot of store in manicures and the like, else I'd cry myself to sleep every day for three months.

So...Then...Not a whole lot. I had some letting down of Crazy to complete. We still chatted on the phone a bit, and drank a bit of coffee...But it was clear that it was going nowhere fast. I IM'd Bill every day, as we've been doing for 3 months now. But we didn't talk about the smooching...Just how freaking cold it had been. We kinda talked AROUND the smooching.

Um...Then...(fuzzy)...I had Bill over for supper a week and a half after we were camping? About that...It was a Sunday afternoon anyway. I baked a pie. He impressed me. He took off his hat at the dinner table. I know, it really isn't that big a thing. Except that IT IS.

I work with teenagers and they wear their stupid ballcaps into job interviews. And this boy wore his hat to my house. Which was fine. He wore it while he watched me cook and we made conversation. He wore it while he peeled the potatoes. He wore it while we watched TV after supper...But he took it off without being asked when we sat to the table. And that made me feel good. What a lovely, respectful, old-fashioned boy. :) *{melt}*

So yeah..Watching TV....No smooching. No hand holding. No nothing. So he said he needed to go home soon...So I convinced him to watch to the end of the show, then I gave him the boot. At the door, it was slightly awkward. He leaned in kind of expectantly...I was relieved and smooched him. It was good. :)

On IM after he got home, I said "well, maybe next time it won't be so awkward" and he seemed shocked to reply "You found it awkward?" I just pointed out that I wasn't sure if I should shake his hand, or pat him on the back and say "see ya later, bud!" or smooch him. But that I'd figured it out, and then it was just fine. :)

So...We talked a little and determined that it was a pretty good thing.

We went out for drinks the Thursday after the supper. We went to the Celtic Corner. It was fun. We enjoyed the music, the beverages, and the conversation. I dropped him off at his front door and we smooched a bit in the car...He invited me up. I knew I shouldn't, but I did. Hell, you only live once...Why not smooch a little? :) So...Yeah...We were up really late. I didn't work the next morning, but he did. I stayed there...Neither of us got any real sleep, but we smooched a LOT. We both slept in our clothes (see? Smooching can sometimes just be...Vigorous smooching...I swear!)

He went home that weekend, and I can't remember what I did. I did something. I'm sure it was fun. :)

This past weekend, we went out on Friday. We went to dinner, and then out to The Old Triangle for drinks. We each had a fair number. We cabbed to his house, where I stayed. Again, vigorous smooching ensued. This time, a little more vigorous. But still, relatively PG. Well, not PG...But definitely not quite R.

So...Yeah. I like him a lot. Some of you may recall that he smokes. But he's working on quitting.

We like the same music. We laugh at the same jokes. He's interested in politics. He found it hilarious (as did I) that Karzai made fun of Bush Jr. During his visit to Washington. He didn't mock me for listening to a one hour special on salt (yes, salt) when I picked him up on Friday night.

He gently sweeps the hair off my face while I'm "sleeping". He stares at me with the most contented little grin. He gives me the happiest, tightest squeezy hugs. He's so gentle and so not. He made me a toasted tomato sandwich for breakfast. :)

Smitten. That's me. But much as I'm not into the whole playing games thing, I'm going to play it a lot cooler from here on out. I've done the whole "You only live once, make sure he knows where you stand" bit. Now, it's up to him to let ME know where he stands. So yeah. No more first moves here. I'll patiently bide my time and wait for Mister Shy-guy to make HIS intentions known.

So yeah...That's what I've been up to, people. Hope it's enough of a fill-in for you. :) I'll provide more details as they become relevant...Or as I remember them.

It feels good to be back. I've missed you-all, and I've missed this.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Confessions of a madwoman.

How sad is it that I had to delete my ForumsOnly POF identity because I was wasting too much time doing absolutely nothing? I was reading posts by people I know and like, and posts by people I don't know and really can't even stand online. I created a ForumsOnly identity because I didn't want to have to be polite to people and tell them I wasn't interested. I also didn't want some people to be able to tell when I was signed in last.

I have to confess....I was also using it (just a tiny bit!) to stalk a boy I kinda have a crush on. I know. It's wrong. It's why I deleted. I just did it. I didn't even say goodbye to the very few people who DID know I had a ForumsOnly identity. Sad that I deleted for the very reason I created it in the first place.

I suck, I know. But I'm working on it. :)


In other news, I may let my friend Quinn in on the address. Not that I'm terribly interesting, but I really like him, and think that if he stuck around, his comments would be clever and snarky and just exactly the kind of thing *I* like to read.

As I said, just considering. But seriously considering.

On my next break, perhaps I'll tell you about what's been going on with Bill. Perhaps.

In the moment.

I just climbed over 4 piles of stuff to get to my computer. I am going to now DO something about said piles of stuff. Lookit me go!!!!

Things to say.

Boys. Rolling Stones. Cold, wet, miserable. Satisfied. Soup-making. People watching. Sunday shopping protesting/boycotting. Laundry folding. Blog-missing. Nesting instinct kicking in. Cozy-Sunday-afternoon-movie-watching. Gym going. Shopping list making. Poverty stricken. Boy liking. Boy liking. :)

Jonesing to write. I was at the mall earlier to go to Pete's Frootique for my weekly dose of veggies and kitsch. I was eating a slice of the best pizza ever made, and watching a woman whose very existence defies description. And wishing I had a pen and paper so I could describe her in painstaking detail for you. So...I think I'm back. My desire to write things down has overcome my insane blog-block. It hasn't been a lack of desire to share. It's been a ridiculous case of an inability to write. I've been spending my online time IMing and blog-stalking, but not being able to compose even the most mundane of sentences for public consumption. And I've been feeling bad about it.

I feel so much more centred when I write. And sometimes I just need a rainy Sunday afternoon and some soup to bring that all home to me in a way that I really understand.

Expect that today's multiple posting will make up for sorely lost time. I apologize in advance. But suck it up. If you didn't want to see what I had to say? You wouldn't have been showing me the site-meter love the whole time I was AWOL. And you know? I really appreciate the love. I don't know who most of you are, but I really appreciate that you seem to care what goes on in my mundane little life. :)

Thanks for stopping by. The kettle's on--there'll be tea in a minute.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Theory of the Secret Slut

She says everything I wish I could. Much more eloquently than I could, if it were possible for me to say it in the first place. Which I did not. So here...have a link.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Gone Camping

Back Tuesday!

Happy long weekend, folks!

Real post after the weekend--I'm SURE there will be developments. Good or bad? Who can say. But developments for certain!