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Saturday, July 29, 2006


So...the battle of the wireless router has been fought...and lost.

Apparently, you need to have a computer permanently attached to the router in order to provide wireless service for a SECOND computer. Freaking stupid, if you ask me.

The good news, is that I still have my ancient dinosaur of a computer that I can plug in to the router so that I can use my wireless connection on my laptop. The bad news, is that I have to keep my ancient dinosaur of a computer, and I have to keep it plugged in someplace. I understand that I will NOT have to have the computer turned on in order for this to work...but that may not turn out to be true. We shall see.

Freaking stupid. Both me AND the wireless router manufacturers. Fwah

Friday, July 28, 2006

Let's hear it for the girls!

Mrs.Flinger had a great post today. You should read it.

So here's the deal direct from Mrs.F...

"Today I’m declaring heroine day. (Not the drug, silly.) Here’s to all those women kicking ass and not needing a video game to do it."

This is a great idea. And I'm taking it international, folks. Take today as an opportunity. And since it's late already, take tomorrow too. Take the opportunity to tell some woman in your life why you think she's great. Tell her she's your hero, and what little every-day thing she does that makes her your hero.

Tell her why she's special. Because honestly? All of us need a little lovin' sometimes. :)

INTERNATIONAL HEROINE DAY--Saturday, July 29th. Take it and make it your own!

And don't forget to let me know what you did to celebrate the heroines in YOUR life!!!

a week of technological advancement

So..I didn't finish my story about last weekend, and here it is THIS weekend already.

So much to fill you in on...and yet not. The one thing I REALLY wanted to document for posterity was my Sunday.

Sunday, I worked at the store all day. And then I went home.

I've been chatting with a guy I met on POF. He's awesome. Really very funny. Quite clever. And 29. One day, after I'd come home from a particularly gruesome ice cream outing with a guy from FOP (Freaks on Parade), I got online and had a little rant. He laughed at me. (deservedly so)

I asked him flat out if we could just agree right then and there to be friends. Only to be friends, and to expect nothing more ever. Because he was far too cool for me to have to come home one day and figure out how to tell him "HELL NO!" -- I'd rather agree NOW to be friends, and eliminate all that pressure and expectation. He (hesitantly) said..."Sure, if that's what you want". And it was. So we did. And we continued to have amazingly fun and entertaining chats EVERY DAY on MSN.

So Sunday, after work, I saw him online. I said, "How's the packing going?" (He's desperately searching for a place to live--anybody know any place in Halifax? He's a nice guy--really funny and sweet. Seems clean--pretty quiet? Let me know!)

Since he was not enjoying it, and seemed to have a handle on it, I invited him for beer. So we met down at the Shoe Shop for drinks. And Oh My God.

What a freaking hilarious time ensued. I have seriously not had so much fun in ages. Because there was none of that 'oh my god, this is a date, what is he thinking about what I said there' business, it was just like our conversations on MSN. Irreverent, rude, and freaking funny. We each told tales of our evil FOP experiences. We laughed, and joked, and told stories...and I had a riot.

We skipped out on the bill at one place, because they ignored us for an hour and a half, and would bring us neither more beer, nor a bill, so...We left. An hour and a half is a looooong time to take up valuable patio space on a sunny day in Halifax--sans beverage. So then we left and went someplace else! *laugh*

I had a blast. He had a blast. We laughed the entire time.

Here's the rub. :) He's adorable! But he freaking smokes. And I was sooooo clear about only wanting to be friends. Which I do--because he's a freaking smoker. Anyway. :)

I had a great weekend. And we both joked about what a good time we'd had, several times online this week. Except that he's stressed because he needs a new home. So anyway. :)


So about technological advancement. I got a webcam! I actually got two...One's for my mother. :)

They were advertised in the Staples flyer this week, regular $49.95--buy one at $39.95 get one free. And while I'd never before considered needing a web-cam, I thought that for $20, it was a pretty good deal and a great gift for my mom. So I decided I'd buy one. But I went to Future Shop to look around first.

The exact same web-cam (cheapo, but okay) was regularly priced at $45.99. I hemmed, I hawed. I decided to ask if they'd match the price across the street, because heck...I was HERE and didn't really want to have to go into the pen store. (I have a pen fetish that costs me tooooooo much money.)

I took two cameras up to the computer desk, and said "hey, these are on sale at Staples...Will you match it?" And buddy said, sure, but...Hang on a sec. He looks through the flyer that starts the next day. He said, "You may just want to wait to buy them until tomorrow instead."

So the same cameras? On sale for $34.95. And then there was a $25 mail in rebate. Which makes the cameras? $10. So yeah...I bought two. :) I have to mail mom's today...It's a surprise. :) But I think she'll like it. :)

And then yesterday? Stupid impulse purchases. I'm such a moron.

I went to Staples. I bought some pens. I LOVE/hate back to school. I LOOOOOVE it...But it costs me. And it makes me yearn to be back at university...Where I belong, goddammit. I was born to be an academic. Except for all that studying, and learning, and going to class business. Other than that? Man, I belong at school FOR-EVER.

So yeah...Staples. Pens. And a wireless router. I want to be able to move my laptop around my apartment and use it wherever and whenever I like...Not having to be tethered to my bedside table or my computer desk. I want to break free!

I spent most of last night trying to make it work. Except when I was IMing Mrs.Flinger about how I couldn't get the stupid thing to work. :)

Still? Not working so much. I've managed to do nothing except add two more cables and another box-type thing to the network of cords that tethers me to the wall. I'm a technological GENIUS, I tell you.

Anyway. 4 day weekend again, with nobody to take camping!!! Tons going on though, so I'll be busy. Supposed to golf with Lynn this afternoon, and make plans with Dan (the boy from Cheers and Burlington) later. I want to go to see Grease! At the Al Fresco Film Festival tonight. It'd be fun!!! I've been trying to go for years but have never quite made it to one. So, I'm thinking tonight's the night. :)

Happy days, boys and girls. I'm hoping to update the blogroll this weekend...So pray for rain, and by Tuesday you should see several hundred new sites on the right hand wall. I visit so many cool places, you should all get to share. :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend Update

Hello folks—Yet another busy weekend in Sadie-ville. J  I love my life sometimes, I really do.


This week at the store was hellish.  My days were filled with cranky crackpots, and full-blown crazies.  I had a dentist appointment with the hygienist from hell, which I’ll fill you in about later from home.  I just want to get in a post while I’ve got 5 minutes at work to drink my coffee and reflect on how much I love living in this wacky city.


This is going to flip around a bit, because it just is.  I should have posted every day, like a good little Blogger…but as you’re all far too well aware, I’m NOT a good little Blogger.  And after this tale of woe?  You won’t think I’m a Good Little Anything.  (But I am!! I swear!!!)


Thursday, I was up late, was online.  Was talking to Scott a bit.  (Yes, THAT Scott—the musician.  Henceforth, he shall be known as Twenty-Five.  So…  We were talking about nothing much.  His new job.  How much fun we’d had that time we were naked.  He suggested that I should come over and we could revisit that state of affairs.  I thought about it a bit…said “What the hell?!” and agreed.  So I left my house.  It was midnight.  (Can we say ‘booty-call’ boys and girls?  I knew that you could!) 


I left my house and drove around his neighbourhood for an hour.  I couldn’t find the freaking house.  I thought that my amazing sense of direction, and my unerring ability to return to any place I’ve ever been even once in my life, would guide me.  I was sooo wrong.  And since he had to work early in the morning, and I was growing more frustrated by the minute, I finally gave up and went home.  So much for innate skills and talents!  My homing device is obviously on the fritz.  Disappointed?  You could say that.  (If disappointment is spelled with an H at the front and a Y at the end!)


Friday—I closed at work so got out at just before 10.  At which time I drove downtown, because I had a date with Dan (the guy that I met at Cheers last weekend).  He’s a very nice guy.  We had a lovely time chatting and getting to know , and stayed out faaaar too late.  Left Rogue’s Roost at 2:00AM!  Yikes.


And this is where it takes a turn for the surreal.


So…I was wired.  And got online.  Where I started talking to Twenty-Five.  (Do you see where this is going?  Yeah…I’m predictable.  But sooo not!  Honest!)  So Twenty-Five came over to the house, and a GREAT time was had by all.


You know?  Being a bad girl isn’t nearly so bad as my mother always made it out to be.  I have to say, I felt REALLY silly when he first came through the front door.  And I even said, “I feel really silly.”  He said, “Why do you feel silly?” and kissed the heck out of me.  So…needless to say…silly ended pretty quickly.


Saturday, I closed again…which was good, because I REALLY needed to sleep in a bit.  A girl needs her beauty rest in order to keep up with the young’uns. 


After work, I went home and slept.  First, I returned about a billion emails from old, bald, hairy, funny-looking guys from POF.  I am doing an experiment, and actually posted a photo for the last week, to see how many more emails I receive.  And let me tell you—apparently I’m a VERY popular fish with the oldies.  But EEEEEEW.  And it’s really horrible having to send “Thanks, but HELL NO!” emails to let them down gently. 


I need to cut the ties there—although it’s kinda fun meeting so many new people all the time.  I just feel bad, because they all want relationships, and are looking for a soul-mate…and I’m so not.  Because I KNOW that I’m not going to find my soul-mate on a dating site.  I’ve met enough of these wonderful men to know that  they’re just not my type.  I don’t NEED shy.  I don’t WANT a man where I have to make idle small-talk for an hour before they open up enough to tell me their favourite flavour of ice-cream.  I get enough of that bullshit at work everyday, I don’t want to have to do it in my private life too.  I don’t want to have to look after someone else and their lack of personality.  I want someone who can stand on their own two feet, and can challenge me intellectually, and emotionally…if not necessarily in the traditional Festivus way of challenging people to feats of strength.


I have to head out—must close the store and get the heck out of dodge.  I’ll finish up from home later tonight.  I PROMISE.  J


(Unless something more fun comes up!)




Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, it's been a while. I have done a lot of stuff, and met a lot of people.

Two weekends ago, I went to Ginger's with Joanne, and Heidi, and some folks from work to see Matt's band play. It was good. Heidi stayed at Ginger's then went home. Joanne and I went to the Deck.

At the deck, we met up with Paul, Rob, and Paul's brother Chuck. We danced up a storm, then went to Cheers for more dancing. At the end of the night, I hooked up with Paul....we had a GREAT time.

We talked about (a bit, anyway!) how things were weird between us...because there was obvious tension. He said he's always liked me, but that he just wasn't up for a relationship. I asked him exactly what gave him the impression that *I* wanted a relationship from him? I suggested (quite suggestively, I think!) that perhaps that was a decision he should either let me make for myself, or he should at least ASK me about. His jaw dropped several times, and several notches. It was amusing.

And the smooching!!! OH MY GOD! So good. The boy's got some stuff to learn about what parts go where and quite how firmly that should happen...but yikes. All in all? GREAT evening.

The next morning, he drove me to my car, and we talked and talked, and it wasn't even remotely awkward in the light of day. When I was getting out of the van, Paul leaned in and hugged me, and gave me a VERY wonderful kiss. I said, "this was fun--we should do it again sometime." He giggled and said "Definitely!" It was a great weekend. :)

Then this week was a good week...busy at work, because we had a VERY bad inspection the last day of my vacation--so it meant a lot of 16 hour days...I was tired.

Saturday night, I went out with Lynn and Heidi and Randy and his sister Lori. We went to the Argyle for Melissa's (cash supervisor) going away party. A ton of folks from the store were there. After a while, Lynn, Randy, Lori and I went to Cheers. Then we drank faaaar too much and danced up a storm. Randy left partway through to meet up with some of the girls, but Lynn and Lori and I danced until the bar closed. :) I met a really nice guy named Dan who just moved here from Burlington. *grin*

We went for pitas after, and I gave Dan my number. He called me today, and we're meeting for a drink after work on Friday night. He did also let out during the conversation on the phone though, that he's just coming out of a 13 year relationship. Yikes.

Anyway...busy times. And I have to work in the morning.

I'm sorry I've been such a slacker. I've been wasting my time on POF chatting with wankers. I'm going back to the old fashioned way, where I meet drunks in bars and stress out about not knowing how to get a second date. :) At least then the first dates are with people I think I MIGHT want to meet--or maybe even see again! :) POf has introduced me to tons of new people, some of whom I've made good friends out of...but for the most part? Wankers. Weirdos and wankers.

Night folks--I'll do better. I promise. Or I'll at least figure out how to get a Notifylist for Blogger! :)

p.s. I've been reading ALL of you, and commenting...but not posting. I'm so horrible.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm an horrible person. At least, a very bad blogger. But I've been busy y'all. (See how I slipped that in there? Almost natural, eh wot?)

Anyway. It's a billion degrees and sunny out, so I'm headed to the pool. I'll be back this afternoon/evening. I've got some long-ass posting to do. Good times, folks. GOOD TIMES. :) I rock the Casbah, that's all I have to say for now.

Oh yes...and Paul? The guy with the high-wheels? Yeah, him. HOT. So...GREAT KISSER. Which we already knew...but was reinforced. And he's much hotter with no shirt on. ;)

Details at 11.

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Obituary...

I found this over at Chelle-Belle's site. R*belle is doing the 'rent-my-blog' business, and her new tennant is pretty darn slick. :)

I'll give you a real post later this morning...I've got a lot to say today. :)

'What" will your obituary say?' at

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A bit more explicit than usual.

Okay ladies and gentlemen...there's a lot to catch up on. I have, however, no intention of catching you up. I'll fill you in, but I'm quite confident that things will be omitted and even left out. Unintentional, I'm sure.

I was intending to post all day...and all night. But I didn't get around to it. Instead, I had some small epiphanies, chatted with boys, and went for ice cream. Then had some fucked up dreams, which is why I'm here now.

So...I slept with the musician. And man, that boy rocked my world. Granted, it had been almost 15 months since I had sex, but wow. I love me some tall man. I feel good about the choice too. We haven't hooked up since, and it's been a week...but I still feel really good about my decision. I don't feel dirty, or bad. I feel like I want to do it again. But I know that changing my entire approach to things WOULD make me feel dirty, so I'm content to stick with just this once for now.

We have chatted, and discussed, and made arrangements...but we haven't gotten together since. I thought that would bother me, and to be completely honest, the first couple of days it did. But we agreed that we could continue to play for as long as we were interested in doing so. And then I got my fucking period. So I didn't call him. And I think it hurt his feelings...but I wasn't about to get all into a major conversation/discussion/possible let-down with someone I don't really know so well. For the record, I really don't mind having sex while I have my period. I actually quite enjoy it. But it's messy, and some guys don't diggit. I figure that sex is SUPPOSED to be messy, and there's nothing that won't wash. Anyway--I digress.

So things are going pretty well there...I think.

I went out with pretty much everyone on Canada Day, and what a freaking good time we had. I went with Lynn, Heidi, Steven, Lynn's BF and his buddy Phil to drink beer on the patio at Your Father's Moustache for a couple of hours...then we went to the Split Crow...and then onto my Happy Place for the patio there. We drank for 12 hours straight. And had a freaking delicious time. :) Tamara and Jelena met us down at the deck, and Jelena's new man brought a couple of friends with him. One of whom was hot. And an amazing kisser. Yep, I'm a machine.

I've determined that other people's opinions don't really matter so much. Particularly since most people's opinions are not nearly as harsh as my own judgements. So there. :) I'm single, and I decided to feel no guilt about kissing a boy I wanted to kiss. That's all we did, but we did quite a bit of it when we got back to Tamara's...and no expectations. Which was good.

But one of the other things that I've determined, is that I don't want to meet any more boys from the POF website. I've met 4. I've rejected 3 based on the fact that I'm a shallow cow...and the other one? I fucked. I'm not sure how typical this is. YMMV*.

I had met the first boy for coffee. It was an awkward, stilted event. There was the horrifying moment when I realized that he looked nothing like his photo. Well, he did...but the fuzzy photo hadn't clearly shown his hare-lip. Which I could get over, if he hadn't lied about smoking. What is it about people that they think a pack-a-day habit counts as ''occasionally"? They've obviously been smoking too long and have lost what's left of their sense of smell. Nice guy, but...yeah. Not for me.

Then? Scott. Oh. My. God. HOT. Makes me hot. Shame he's only 25. I wish there was something we could do about that. I also wish there was some way to make me instantly cooler, because honestly? This boy, were he my own age? Would be way out of my league on the Cool-scale. But wowza. And I look forward to doing it again. Seeing him, that is. :)

Monday, I went for a walk with a boy I'd been chatting with. And his dog. To be honest, I was more infatuated with his dog than with him. He's a very nice guy, but not for me. A bit on the solid side, WAY on the shy side, and obsessed with being a paramedic. He is one, so that's good. But it's his entire life, and I'm not down with that. I have no desire to be regaled with Tales From the Bus. I don't do well with blood and gore, otherwise I'd be a damn doctor by now. I think that was okay though...we talked a lot, and we've chatted online a couple of times since, and I think he feels the same way. He's smart enough to notice there was no chemistry beyond the initial fun-making of one another. I like that. Maybe we can be friends.

And then tonight. Oh my god, tonight. I'm a horrible person. I'm so damn shallow.

I've been talking to a few guys online. Mainly smart, funny, entertaining. I haven't exchanged photos, because honestly? Until I know they're not freaks, I'd prefer they don't know what I look like. Also, until yesterday I couldn't figure out how to get the photos off my camera, and I didn't have any to give that didn't make me look like Charlize Theron in Monster. (not the GOOD Charlize Theron...couldn't be HER!)

So this boy has been funny, and entertaining...and I was bored stiff. So I asked him to go for icecream with me. I picked him up on my way downtown...and Oh. My. God. He hadn't mentioned that he was only 5'5". Now, *I* am 5'4.5". So I didnt quite realize how SHORT that is. He also had not disclosed that he wears white socks with black sneakers and black pants. Or that he has Travolta-hair.

We had ice cream. We ate it in the car. We went and dropped off my shit at the Salvation Army. We went and got gas for the car. I gave him some of the Best Bubblegum in the World.
I dropped him off. We were together not more than an hour. And I felt terrible, because I knew he liked me. And I was going to have to crush him.

And so when I came home and logged into my MSN, I saw that he'd changed his title to "I got gum!! :D" And I felt bad. And so I set myself to 'away' so I wouldn't have to deal with it. I'm so horrible. Later, we exchanged about 5 sentences. Which included the ubiquitous, "sorry i didn't talk much, i was a bit overwhelmed--you're really cute! :D". I responded with "thanks." (note the lack of smilies) This was followed up with: "I really liked your voice a lot :D". Again? "thanks". "Maybe we can get together again sometime this week while you're still on vacation if you want...I promise to talk more! :D" "Yeah...I still have a couple of daytrips I have to squeeze in by Friday--probably won't have time." I then faked a phone call so I didn't have to talk to him anymore tonight. Did I mention that he works making pre-cooked take-home food at the grocery store? And that he's been doing it for 6 years and intends to keep doing it indefinitely? Yeah. So Not My Thing. I need someone a little more upwardly mobile. And taller.

So yeah. I don't think I'm going to do this 'online dating' business anymore. I was doing okay in the real world. Sure, I couldn't get a second date to save my life...but at least I knew before I went anywhere that I was getting the real deal. Someone who was moderately attractive (otherwise I'd have sent him packing in the first place). Someone with enough spine to approach me in public. Someone who had enough conversational skills to hold my interest long enough for them to ask me out and get me to say yes. Someone I had already seen clothed, so I could suss out the white-sock-black-shoe-wearing freaks.

I'm so damn shallow. Perhaps that's what I don't like about the online thing. Probably. I just don't like having to admit out loud that I am the person I always hated. But really? Is there anything wrong with having standards? Why waste time with someone you KNOW you couldn't spend the rest of your life with (let alone several hours)?

I think I was also spoiled, because Scott and I didn't exchange photos, and he was so damn hot. And he thinks I'm hot. And that's good. Even though I'm old. :)


The whole reason I'm awake, is that I had a freakish nightmare earlier. I very seldom dream. And when I do? Average, run-of-the-mill dreams. Swimming in the school gymnasium...climbing a mountain that turns out to be a pile of clean laundry...average stuff. But tonight? My mother had snapped and lost touch with reality. My father was still somewhere in the picture, because she was trying to kill all of us. One at a time, and he was at the top of the list.

She had attempted something incredibly violent to him...but was a little bit less evil with us girls. Anyway, for some reason, I was on the floor, in the dark, in my parents room at the old house. My father was asleep in the bed, because I could see his foot. I was calling 911 but kept having trouble connecting. Suddenly, my mother was looming in the doorway. "Uh, Hi mom"

"hello dear. You should come out of there now. And away from that telephone."

"Uh, sure mom."

Then I went out into the hallway, and she lost it. Broke down crying. Had a complete break with reality. I hugged her. "You know i love you, right dear?"

"Of course I do, mum."

"I love you very much. If you're smart, you won't eat your cereal this morning."

"Um...okay, thanks mum."

I then threw away all the poisoned bowls of cereal (one for each of us) and had my mother committed for a nice long rest.

The end.

Messed up, eh? So yeah, it woke me up. And then I was looking for something to do. And I owed you all. So here you go. A regular post pourri of blog topics.

Perhaps I'll try some sleep now. I need to fix my blogroll one of these days. There's about a billion sites I visit almost daily, or at least several times a week...and most of you are NOT over there where you belong. I need to give some madd props to this site today. It's the new pink. It's at the very least my latest crush.

Enjoy yourselves--you only get one kick at the can. And nobody else gets to do it for you...unless you let them.

*Your mileage may vary.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Oh my.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Testing a couple of things

This is a test. Of my camera, my computer skills, and my superior ability to take photos of nothing in particular! :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006



That is all...happy sunshine and beer to you all! :)