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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sorry folks

Oops...I owe you the tail end of that last post. I promised to tell you what happened with Andrew (the rich one, for those of you that are confused!) on Tuesday night. It was bizarre.

We drank coffee on Wednesday night, and it was okay. Uneventful, dull, and okay.

Our days are numbered though, I tell you. I need to figure out how to crush him without causing him permanent emotional scaring though...So much responsibility!!! Anyway--here's Tuesday night in a nutshell.


Tonight I was trying to go to Shakespeare by the Sea, but I lost my keys and couldn't leave the house on time. Which was okay, as Dan had invited himself along and I wasn't really looking forward to the whole non-date event. So instead, we tried to see a movie. And we were again thwarted. So we went to eat. After which, I had the joy of the uncomfortable discussion as to why I didn't think it would be good for us to date. The main reason being that I didn't like him. But I couldn't come out and SAY that, because that would be mean. ARgh. So instead, I indicated that I was perhaps just not ready to be seeing anyone exclusively, and that I was very sorry, but was unable to accept the position of 'Girlfriend' or 'main squeeze' at this time. He seemed to 'get it', and was pretty cool...And I think we'll be able to hang again at some point in the distant future.


So then...

I've been VERY casually drinking coffee with a Andrew for a while now. A month, in fact. And that's all we've done is drink coffee. We've smooched a little. AFTER A MONTH. Which is okay. Because honestly? It's taken so long to get anywhere? I lost all desire to even GO anywhere. I wasn't even certain that he liked me (except for his bold and probing questions at the beginning--and the freaking jewelry--don't forget the jewelry!).. I thought we were just chillin'. But apparently not.

We watched a movie on Sunday--which brought on some more enthusiastic smooches. Quite innocent, just smooches. Which was okay, because it made quite clear to me that he's not really my type physically. Nice, kind, AMAZING kisser...but...That's it. No spark, really. Anyway. Some good times kissing.

I didn't really think much of it, to be honest. I didn't hear from him Monday, but got a phone message today while I was out. So I called him back before I was leaving for the play, and said I had plans, but that I'd stop in on my way home if he was going to be around. He said "yeah, please do, I'd like to see you!"

So. I stopped in on the way home from the play-turned-dinner-turned-awkward-conversation...Just to say hello. I flopped on the couch, picked up a book and thumbed through it while he was in the kitchen, and he came in, sat down at the other end of the couch, and flipped on the TV. The remote was sitting on the couch, and I flipped channels while we chatted. He got stressed out, so I put it back on PBS and gave him the remote.

We had a discussion about something in the book (here's where it turns!)...And then I mentioned the girl on the TV's teeth, and how my friend Jelena just had hers fixed and they look sooooo much better that it was worth the exorbitant amounts of cash she had to pay. We had a rather vapid discussion as to what a difference nice teeth makes, and how much more likely people who 'look good' are to succeed, as well as generally how they get paid more. Yeah. So this is what *I* thought had just happened.

But apparently, we were FIGHTING about how people look.

"I don't want to have a fight about something every time I see you!"

"pardon? (Truly bewildered) When have we ever had a disagreement about ANYTHING?"

"what do you call this?!"

So YEAH. Guess who said..."Um...Yeah.....Sorry, apparently I upset you somehow. I thought we were having a discussion. What did I do wrong here?"

"If you don't get it, you just don't get it. I'm not going to TELL you."

Inside my head, I was saying..."WTF?! Is this guy for real? What just happened here? Where the hell are my shoes?!"

I apologized again for upsetting him, and said "Yeah, I think I'm going to go now."

"You think leaving is going to solve this?!"

"I don't think that sitting here continuing this particular conversation is going to solve much of ANYTHING at all."

We discussed a bit more while I stood at the door (okay, this part wasn't a discussion--I was pissed off). I moved back to the chair because I'm never one to walk away from a good argument once it's started.

I apologized for flopping on the couch and picking up a book, "Apparently I assumed a comfort level that just doesn't exist."

He said that he was feeling a bit 'territorial'. I said "Perhaps part of your 'territorial issue' issue is that we haven't spent any time together in public."

He said, "We've been in public...We were at Tim Horton's...And the park..."

"Tim Horton's doesn't count. Because my perception is that this whole thing? Has happened because you have no idea who *I* am. You keep saying that "This is who I am...Better to find out now!" Well...Here's lesson number one for YOU. I flop on the furniture. And I touch books. And I take the remote. And I like a good discussion. I enjoy chatting. I'm noisy. I'm outgoing. And I'm not going to change. This is WHO *I* AM. And you need to get used to that. Or not, as the case may be."

I'm not used to a boy/man who's so touchy-feely about his emotions. It's interesting that he feels compelled to put a name to everything he feels, because I'm not like that; and quite frankly, I find the whole thing a bit off-putting.


Just as an aside, in a couple of the days that you missed out on getting posts from me, I'd had the conversation with Andrew that we were not exclusive. That we were going VERY slowly, and might make it to dating one day, but were not there yet. So. The next part will make more sense to you once you know that...Since I did some back-reading, and your last impression would likely have been from my giddy post about the smooching and the fact that I thought he was pretty nifty. Which I do...And the smooching IS good...But he's got some emotional issues, and I wasn't sure how I wanted to deal with them, or even if I could...So we had a chat about NOT being serious.

Back to the show...
Also, it came out...That his perception was that we were dating. Exclusively. And that he was my boyfriend.

Which was front page news to me, as we hadn't actually had THAT discussion. We'd had exactly the OPPOSITE discussion. I must have missed the memo. What the hell did he think I was doing, when I told him what I did on Friday and Saturday nights? I mentioned where I was and who I was with...Keith, and then Bill and Keith. I have a lot of male friends, but that would just be plain mean. Not to mention that I just wouldn't DO that if I were seeing someone.

Anyway...It was bizarre. And so much not my scene it's ridiculous. Draaama. Yeah.

So I left fairly quickly after the 'you're not my boyfriend' chat. Stating clearly that perhaps he needed to take a step or two back and reflect on where exactly that perception came from. And that it never came directly from ME.

So yeah. I'm fully expecting that now I have to have another discussion tomorrow once he's had a day to relax and take some meds.

How is it that seemingly normal people can be so messed up? Maybe I'm NOT ready to have a boyfriend...If they're all fucking froot-loops.


So yeah, that's what I emailed Bill when I got home. I should have blogged it, and I mentioned to him that I was planning to cut and paste it...But I didn't blog it. Well, not on Tuesday night anyway. :) But Bill didn't mind that I was CC'ing his email to all of you...Particularly since I have proprietary rights. *laugh*

So...g'night. Back to your regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My uber-long Long Weekend Post.

So it's Wednesday, and it was my first day back at work after a 4 day weekend. I must say, my mini-holiday was a lovely treat. Except for the crappy parts, but even the crappy parts were okay.

A lot has been going on. First off today, I'd like to give a shout-out to the new people who have been linking me. I appreciate it. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just checked my 'referrals' on my statcounter yesterday? And I found that there a number of you that I didn't even know existed! Say hi sometime, wouldja? Anyway. That's out of the way, now we can move on. Just know, you're very welcome. Until I get all self-conscious and shy. *snicker* Yeah, that's likely to happen.

Friday night, I went dancing at the Dome with Keith. You may not know Keith, as I've been really quite slackerly in my attempts to keep you all up to date with the major players in this little drama which is my life. I met Keith a few weeks ago at the Lower Deck when I went down there with Rachel and her friend (for Rachel's birthday). Keith is from London, England. He's a nice boy, and his older friends ditched him, leaving him in our capable hands.

Rachel's friend bailed on us, leaving me, Rachel, and Keith at Cheers unattended. I managed to score Rachel a packet of smokes from an accomodating fellow (I did NOT ask him for them--I simply told him I was looking to bum some for a friend) and she went off to the smoking room. Keith and I went downstairs to the Dome to dance. And it was FUN. Just dancing, and innocent, but so much fun. I haven't danced to house/trance/dance music like I meant it in a long time. So the three of us went for fries, then we dropped Keith home and I gave him my card and we went home ourselves.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Keith and I had emailed, and he called me this past week to see if I wanted to go dancing again. I was bored on Friday, and all the girls were busy with their boys or their I called him up, and we went to the Dome again. It was a hoot, but I've never felt so old in my life. 19 sure doesn't look like it did when WE were that age. And do these girls not have mothers?! Anyway...we had a blast. I took him home, drank water in his super-lush, all expenses paid apartment, and went home myself. FUN. Innocent. Great times.

Saturday I was supposed to go to Tamara's aunt's camp (cottage to all you non-maritimers) overnight...but it was going to be all couples, so I bailed. At 6:00, I went down to the Deck with Lynn to meet up with Samantha, Sarah F. and Catherine for Sam's birthday. The girls are all kitchen designers, except Lynn. We were just planning to have a couple drinks on the patio, listen to some tunes, and be home early.

At some point, Lynn and I came to the mutual agreement that we'd drink MORE, then split the cab to her house and come back for my car tomorrow. This was a good plan, until her boyfriend called around 9 pm. We had moved inside at this point, because it was cold. Lynn called Stew back, and they had a fight about her being Out without him. Anyway. She came back, stopped drinking, and was sulky. Which was okay, because while I figured she'd leave early, the other girls were still there.

Bill came down to meet up with us, and I found him outside and brought him in to meet and sit with the girls. He and Sam went outside to share smokes, and were gone about 15 minutes or so. Once they came back inside, it was about 11:00 pm. They hadn't been inside 5 whole minutes, and I had my head turned saying something to Bill, when the girls ALL stood up and said "Yep! We're going home now." Lynn stood and said "Hey, Catherine? I'm going to catch a ride with that okay?" and they were GONE.



I turned to Bill, looking bewildered and confused. "I may be wrong, as this has never happened to me...but I think I just got ditched."

"You mean they all LEFT? Like for Real? Where'd they go?"


"What?! Really? And left you here? Your friends SUCK."

I couldn't even argue with him.

So yeah. I got ditched. The good news is that I had someone to sit with! We went outside to listen to the band. We wandered a bit before we came to the decision that we were fine on our own, and that since there were two of us with cars, only one needed to drive. I volunteered, so Bill beveraged. We met up with Keith (Who I'd seen earlier, but assumed he was with his own friends) who joined up with us as he was on his own. We had a blast...well, they did...mocking me mercilessly about getting ditched!

We stayed until the band was done, met a ton of new people, and had a lot of fun. Keith wanted to dance, Bill wanted to beverage, and I was starting to get an headache. So we decided to go to Maxwell's for a drink and decide what to do from there.

With each progressive step, my headache got worse. By the time we were at Maxwell's, I had a full-on raging migraine. I sat and sipped my water while the boys had a drink. I could barely keep my eyes open. If I'd had a grapefruit spoon, I'd have gladly gouged out one of my own eyes in order to distract myself from the throbbing pain behind my temples. (Aside: Bill, unasked, went to the bar and asked for some Tylenol--they didn't have any, but it was incredibly thoughtful nonetheless)

The boys decided to part ways, and allow me to go home. Keith walked home (only 6 blocks or so) which made me feel guilty for not driving him, but not guilty enough to go the other way and argue with my head feeling as it did.

I then drove Bill to his new place over in Darkness. My curiousity got the better of me, so I went in to see it. It's adorable. TINY, but cute. He had no furniture yet except two desk chairs. I sat in one, and nearly passed out from my headache.

He offered me some floor, and all the blankets....but I just wanted to be home, IN MY BED, unconscious. So I headed for home after oohing and ahhing appropriately over the new digs.

I don't know how I managed to drive home, honestly, as my head was hurting so much that I could barely keep my eyes open. When I did get home? It even hurt to put my head on my pillow.

When I woke up on Sunday? No more headache. It was a bit bizarre, all told. Anyway.

Sunday....what did I do on Sunday? Can't recall. Ah yes. Watched a movie with Andrew on Sunday night. And he finally gave me some indication that he IS indeed a real boy! Yeah. So...smooching. He's a great kisser, and while I love me some good smooching...I'm not so attracted physically. And he's WAY out of practice and uncomfortable with the boy-girl stuff. So...we'll see where it goes. off. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

A lot of post-stalking of my new Oklahoman pal, OJ. He's funny as hell, and very clever. Met him on POF through his witty and sarcastic posts in the forums.

For the record, I've got my profile hidden, and am not actively meeting new people. I'm addicted to the forums the way I'm addicted to your blogs and I used to be addicted to newsgroups, back in the day.

Tuesday...another day off. Errands. Sleeping. Laundry. Vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen...the usual. More stalking. More funny emails. Returned lots of phonecalls. Went to go see Shakespeare by the Sea on Tuesday night with Dan. Lost my keys, couldn't leave on time...missed the play.

We tried to see a movie. They'd all started a lot earlier. So we went and got food at Your Father's Moustache. Food was okay. Conversation was good. I knew though, that at some point I was going to have to have the 'i'm just not that into you' discussion. I don't know if I told you that he smooched me when I dropped him off after the wedding. It was just a peck, but it was awkward for me. I've been dreading having to acknowledge it.

So...dropped him home again, didn't unbuckle my seatbelt. I tried to avoid having to make eye contact. He opened up his arms like a big I hugged him very briefly, giving a much firmer than necessary, manly, {pat-pat} on the back as I did it...I also kept my face very far out of the way. No smooch. He seemed to get it. I hope I don't have to have the actual conversation. But I think I will have to some time soon. ARgh.

I'd promised Andrew I'd stop in on my way home from the play. (I'd told him where I was going and with whom I was going there.) So I did. And things got quite surreal.

I'm going to post you an excerpt of the email I sent Bill when I got home last night, because I really don't think I can type it all out again and make it sensible. I really didn't even understand it when it was happening. So yeah.

Sorry this has been so long. I don't know why I feel you all need a minute-by-minute accounting of my time.

Really though? This isn't for you. It's for me. So I can keep track of my own history. Anyone who knows me knows how terrible my memory is. Without some sort of record? I'll not know next week what I did this week. It also helps me get my head sorted out when I'm confused...and saves my friends the crazy emails such as the one that you'll read in a minute. I'm going to change the post-times so that it follows this, instead of preceeding it. Because that's how I roll, yo.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Decisions, decisions.

I have a new computer desk/armoire thingy that i got delivered yesterday. Today, I need to finish it. It's already 2:30 pm.

I need to make a choice.

Clear finish or dark mahogany stain. Or, some other funky finish that I have not previously considered.

The reasoning:

The piece is made of pine. I hate pine. This would indicate that staining it would be a better choice. EXCEPT. Staining is a multi-step proccess. This takes time. I'm not good at projects that require multiple steps. I always get bored/distracted/side-tracked somewhere between steps one and the end. This would indicate that a clear-coat is the way to go.

Except that I hate pine. And once it's got a finish on it, I'd have to sand it down or strip it in order to re-do it at a later date.

It needs to have SOMETHING done to it if I intend to build and use it. Which I do. Ideally? Today. At the latest? Tomorrow.


What to do.

I could PAINT it...which would give it a solid finish in two coats, and a shiny finish when it's dry...which would be nice. But there are umpteen-bazillion different shades of paint, and then I'd have to choose one. Which could send me into seizures at the paint counter. So. Yeah. What to do.


p.s. I think the last time I ever finished a piece of furniture, I swore it would be the last time I ever did it, and I'd gladly pay someone else to do anything else that needed refinishing in the future. Which I'd gladly do, but at this point...I want it done, and cannot wait the several weeks it would take to get someone else to do it for me. Also this way? I can't **** at anybody else if it doesn't turn out how I like it.

Stupid freaking decor decisions. They kill me. I'm so BAD at being a girl!

If I paint it? I'll paint it black. Shiny black. Well, maybe semi-gloss black. But black.

In other news, the last thing I painted was cool. I turned a knotty pine door into a new headboard. It's cream coloured. It took a week though, because it had to have a coat of primer and 3 coats of oil paint. My apartment stunk for a month. But it looks freaking cool.

That is all. Enjoy your day. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

So you think you want to be a Canadian?

This is what Ivy had to say about us. I have to say, it's the nicest thing I've ever read from an American--about being us, that is. :) Because we Rock.

So you think you want to be a Canadian?

More posting later, after I spend an hour or so cleaning my apartment. :)

Friday, August 18, 2006


Okay...not only did I just lose half of my last post? But now my entire blog appears to have disappeared. WTF? Who do I email? Who do I call? Blogbusters?

I can't afford LESLIE...but I may just need her MADD web skillz!!! And she's busy having a nervous breakdown! But so am I!!!!

Anyway...I'm hoping that posting this new post will somehow miraculously fix things. Kinda like people with bad marriages hope a new baby will help them through the rough spots. It never works, but it doesn't keep people from trying time and again....


I've been feeling more and more guilty every day about not posting.

I keep coming to Blogger, opening a blank post...then I start stalking the rest of you while I try to come up with something interesting to post about.

I'm also crazy-ass busy. But who isn't? Isn't that the entire point of life?

But the last few days? You folks have been cranking up the guilt-meter. I've had more comments and emails about posting than I even knew were reading. (well, not quite...I look at my site-meter now and again--but you get my point.)

So...a quick synopsis. And (yet another) an half-assed commitment to be more reliable. I really do FEEL better when I blog. I feel more organized mentally. I feel more in control of my emotions and my actions. I feel more well-rounded. And honestly? I know this is stupid--but I feel more intelligent. Because I get to exercise my verbal skills, I feel better about myself as an intelligent, contributing memeber of society. (Allow me this, please--the hardware world isn't known for it's over-abundance of brain surgeons and rocket scientists.)

Where to start...

Well....remember the boy (Jeff) from the Argyle? The hottie that I kept 'bumping eyes' with? We met up two Fridays ago at Reflections...I went with him and a couple of his buddies. That was...interesting. I spent most of the evening making conversation with his buddy Duane. Duane and I had a lot of laughs...Jeff was very social, and was helping his other buddy get connected to score some pot. I don't smoke it (or cigarettes for that matter) but I don't judge TOO much if other people do. (For the record, Jeff says he doesn't smoke it anymore, but did quite a lot as a teenager...Duane concurred...they've been pals longer than Christine and I, and that's saying something.)

Anyway...Duane was VERY shy, and incredibly uncomfortable being in a gay bar.* He and I had a hoot, mocking strangers right left and centre, and keeping each other occupied while the other two were repeatedly AWOL.

*Why were we in a gay bar? Good tunes, and CHEAP beer. Did I mention how cheap the beer was? $2 bottles every night until 11pm!!! Tell all your friends. Well, not the homophobes, but the rest of your friends.)

ARGH---I JUST LOST HALF MY POST. I SUCK. I REALLY HOPE I CAN FIND IT. IF NOT? Suck it up and stick with this. I'm going to bed. Perhaps I'll retype it tomorrow. But ARGH.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hold all calls! We have a winner!

Wow. I suck. But things are about to get better. (yeah, yeah...I know you're getting sick of hearing that. But tough.) it's 2:15 am, and i"m just getting home. And I should be going to sleep, but I'm blogging. So you know it's got to be good.

I just got home from the best coffee date ever with a guy that none of you have even met yet. Because I suck. (reference paragraph 1 for evidence of this)

A little background....

Some time last week...last Sunday, in fact, I went for what I thought would be my last ever coffee date from Plenty of Fish. I had already decided to stop making new contacts, and had been sending out "I've started seeing someone, but thanks for the interest" emails. It wasn't true, but it seemed kinder than..."Thanks, but HEEEELLLLS NO!"

So I'd been IMing this guy (Andrew) for a bit...but not very seriously. I wasn't focussed on the discussion, and while he seemed interesting, I had too much other crap going on to really pay too close attention to yet another boy.

I got home from walking in the park with Dan on Sunday, and Andrew messaged me. "So, are we going to go for coffee or what?" so we did. We met up at the Tim Horton's in Clayton Park--right outside my gym. We met at 9:00, so I could go to the gym first. Which I didn't...I was online reading blogs instead and couldn't be bothered.

So I had already determined that this 'date' was going to suck. His photo online was pretty fuzzy, but made him look like a punk-ass b-boy kid. I figured I'd have coffee, make some small talk, and be home in an hour. I put NO effort into getting ready. I combed my hair, but didn't style it. I wore the same shorts and t-shirt I'd had on all day. My homage to makeup? Some Blistex.

So when he walked into Tim's? And he was CUTE?! Like...really cute? I felt a little bad. But not so bad, because hell--it's just another POF freak, right?

Anyway...we drank coffee. And it was awesome. And he was funny. And he was smart. And we got along really well. And we got more tea. And then (here's the rough part) he 'needed a cigarette' we went outside and stood next to his MiniCooper. I admired it. We talked about how icky smoking is and how much I dislike it. He talked about having quit several times for a fairly long time, but eventually needing something to do with his hands. He showed me that he's got a prescription for the patch, he just hasn't started it yet.

We were standing there...he asked if I wanted to go for a drive. So we did. We drove to my house and dropped off my car, then went to the airport to watch the planes. (He's a licensed pilot, but doesn't fly.) We talked and talked.

And then he dropped a bomb on me. He said "I don't usually tell people this...particularly people I meet online...but I'm going to tell you." His dad recently won the lottery. Several million dollars. I'm like 'cool for your dad!' And so he then mentioned that his dad shared. And that he's kinda rich. I'm like..."if you don't tell people, what makes me so special that you felt you should/could tell me?" He was..."Well, it's conversation. That, and you seemed like you really wouldn't care that much." Which was a great answer. :)

I wasn't sure if it was just a line or not. He SEEMED like it was just something he was getting used to...and was trying it on for size. It would be hard to get used to suddenly being able to have whatever you wanted. And it'd be hard to be all excited, but not want to tell people for fear of how they would react and treat you. But even still, I wasn't quite sure what to think. And it really did kinda throw me for a loop.

But he was sooo nice. Our coffee hour was 3.5 hours. And it was good. I could have stayed longer, but I was tired and had to work the next morning.

That was Sunday.

Usually, there's the 3 day rule. You don't call back for a few days. You want the person to know you're interested, but not TOO interested. He called me on Monday and left a message. :)

So I called him back on Tuesday, and we made plans for Thursday. So we went and had coffee again. :) And he told me all kinds of stuff. We talked about houses, and futures, and businesses, and dogs, and kids, and where we wanted to live, and career aspirations, and Effexor, and past surgeries, and families, and ... it was Great. That was another 3.5 hours.

And then we come to my crazy, crazy weekend. I was out alllll weekend. It was fun, it was worth telling the stories, but the rest of tonight is so much more exciting to me, that you'll just have to wait. :)

So today I had to work. At about 10 to 5 I called him up to invite him to Shakespeare by the Sea with me. He was out sailing with his buddy Sheldon. So he couldn't come. I told him to call me when he got home and maybe if I was back in time we could do something.

I only had about 8 hours sleep TOTAL all weekend, so I fully intended to be in bed by 11:00 pm. And it's now 2:40 am, so that's how well my 'early to bed plan' has gone. :)

I went to the play. Much Ado About Nothing. And it was awesome. I was going to go alone, but some other random guy I've been messaging with asked if he could come, so I said sure. Company's always better than going alone. Well, not always. But. :)

I called my messages from a payphone (Still have no cell, hate them passionately, always will) and he hadn't called. It was 10:10...I was disappointed, but headed home--kinda glad I could go to bed early after all. :)

I got home, and there was a message. He'd left it at 10:30 (just a few minutes before I walked in the door) and asked me to call, and if I wanted to, we could go for coffee.

I called him, and told him how tired I was and that I needed to just go to bed. But we were chatting on the phone for like...20 minutes. So I said, "if we're going to be chatting on here, we may as well have coffee, because then I can look at you while you talk."

So he came and picked me up, and we went to DeWolfe park to chill and chat. And we did. About everything. And it was good.

A couple of oddly random things happened though...just as we were getting off the phone, he asked "do you like gold?" I was like..."The colour? Sure." He was like..."No, gold. The metal" I was confused...and didn't want to encourage him in thinking i was a golddigger, because I sure as hell ain't. I said (truthfully) that gold was okay, but that I preferred silver. He said, but what about gold? I said gold is good. But that I didn't like white gold. we had a discussion about the differences between silver and white gold. My answer being that silver was less expensive and looked nicer. :) He asked me if I liked diamonds--he's like "Everybody likes diamonds, don't they?" I was like...uh...sure. K...see you in a bit.

We were sitting drinking our coffees and chatting...he asked if I wanted to see what he'd been talking about. I said...Sure. Anyway. It was a freaking spectacular diamond tennis bracelet. I was creeped out and amazed all at once. I said, "wow, that's beautiful" and gave it back. He said "You don't want it?" I'm like.." It's lovely, but...No."

Anyway, he's apparently had it for a while...bought it for someone and never gave it to them. "I've been trying to get rid of it for a while" I'm like..."take it back to the store?" I told him that the store would quite likely remember him purchasing it, and wouldn't require his receipt. It was freaking BEAUTIFUL. I also suggested that he's got a perfectly good mother who would quite likely appreciate it. :)

It was a little....odd.

But we talked, and chatted....and things were good. We both listen to the CBC...and have the same opinions about a lot of Israel. And Lebanon. And Sunday Shopping. And child rearing. And...IMPORTANT stuff. It's good.

So we did that...I played on the slides while he smoked. Then we went and stood by the car...and he said he wanted to kiss me, but he felt really awkward. I said I'd like to kiss him too, so why was it awkward. He's so shy. (what is it with bossy old me and the shy boys?!) So I said..."so would it be less awkward if I did this and helped out?" and took him by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him into me and kissed him. :)

And MAN. It was amazing. It's been so long since I kissed someone I actually LIKE. I mean...with that fun little 'stomach churn' kinda like. And wow. We kiss well together. BOY do we kiss well together.

So...we talked some more. And laughed. While we were kissing. :) And talked...while we were kissing. And laughed. And he hugged me. And he feels sooo good. And he told me it's been 6 years since he was with someone. And I

And he asked if I'd ever picked anyone up downtown. And I was able to truthfully say no. And I asked him...and he said "twice--a loooong time ago." And I mentioned Paul...that I'd made out with him after the bar once, but that we'd known each other before. He said "I don't care if you make out with them...just so long as you don't take them home" I winked at him and said "Good, because I've gotta a date at 1:00 outside the palace to make out with some guy" and we both laughed. Then I said "...besides which, I never bring men home. I go to their place. ;)" Which we both found quite funny. Because it is funny.

He kept talking all night about 'our kids' and 'where we're going to live' and stuff...and it was funny. Except that he meant it. But not in a creepy way...just...matter of fact. We talked about kids. And about stuff that i never talk about. And it's so strange.

I told him that he nearly freaked the hell out of me when he showed me the bracelet. He said, "Really?" I said "yep, I nearly left for home." He said, "yeah...I didn't think you'd take it. Yet." I said, "Yeah, not yet. Christmas is coming." he said "Christmas?! That's a long way won't take that long." I said, "Yeah, don't hold your breath."

Anyway. I think I have a boyfriend. *laugh* And he's sweet. And he's smart. And he's a good dresser. And he's funny as hell. And on top of that...he's a really down to earth good guy who just happens to be recently rich.

What are the freaking odds?

Anyway...I came home so happy and fuzzy inside that I had to share. I've been typing for almost an hour, and I should have been asleep, because I have to be at work in only 5 hours. But I was busting a gut.

We're getting together tomorrow after work. Likely for a movie and some smooching. In fact, I"m sure there will be smooching...because as i was getting out of the car, I said "What do you want to do tomorrow?" And Andrew said..."Well...we could kiss some more?" And I said, "Well that's a given! Think of something else too. :)"

So. :) *BOUNCE* Happiness abounds.

...except that now I have to break it to a half a dozen folks that we have a winner. And I"m supposed to be a wedding date for Dan on SAturday. We'll see how that goes. Anyway...that's a pretty minor problem, I'm thinking. :)

g'night folks. :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


You're a Passionate Kisser
For you, kissing is about all about following your urgesIf someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of storyYou can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kissesA total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble
What Kind of Kisser Are You?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I've turned into a one woman travelling social machine. But I see that all coming to a screeching halt quite soon.

Heidi's back together with Rob. Tamara's firmly ensconced in her new relationship with Ben. This means my 'downtown' companions are out of commission and I'm flying solo.

Friday night I went dow nto the Deck to meet up with Dan and his buddy Todd for a drink. I fully inteded toleave and meet up with Heidi and some folks at Rob's. I had a couple of drinks, over about 3 hours. (I am a very responsible drinker--please don't think I would ever drink and drive...when in doubt? I either wait it out, or cab it home. I may just leave those details out of some stories for brevity's sake.) Then I borrrowed Dan's phone to call Heidi--I was standing on the steps of the Marriott when suddenly---"BILL!!!" came shouting out of my mouth.

So we chatted for a few--I met his friend Joe. I went back inside--Heidi was definitely NOT looking for company. I decided to stick around, so I had a couple of drinks and listened to the band. Dan's a whole lot of fun at a pub because he enjoys music and actually dances.

I went walkabout a couple of times--met Bill's friends and helped scare off his 20 year old stalker. He's so much fun--I get a real kick out of him.

At 12:30 when the band was done, Dan and Todd left. I had to wait another hour before I could, in good conscience, drive home; so I hung out with Bill and his buddies. What a hoot.

We went up to the AleHouse. Bill and I sat outside on the patio and laughed while he smoked. Mostly at other people, sometimes at each other. At 2, I went home and he went upstairs to meet his boys.

Saturday was the store pub crawl. I picked up Jayme in Sackville, and we went to Randy's place first. That was fun. The crawl itself? Lame.

We went to the Argyle. There were a total of about 20 people--including the 6 of us. Later Verge, Rachel and Jeff, and her friend Peter, arrived with some others from the store.

I made eye contact with a hot-hot boy acoss the bar while I was busy not getting served. The Argyle patio has the SLOWEST servers ever. He got the bartender to come right over to me when he got served. So I watched what he ordered...and after I got served? I bought him a drink.

I took it over to him, and said "Thanks for getting me served."

"You didn't meed to do that...I mean...You're welcome...but I have a beer?"

"Well, eventually that one will be empty, and then you'll have a spare."

We introduced ourselves, shook hands...made serious eye contact some more, and I said "Well, thanks again," and went back to my friends.

We kept bumping eyes all night.

As Rachel, Jayme, Jeff, Peter and I were getting ready to leave and head up to the was only Jeff and I standing talking. The others were peeing and smoking. Out of nowhere, I'm passed a beer. (Corona--he noticed.) I said, "uh...thanks!"

He went and stood off to our left side with his buddies. He smiled at me and cheers-ed his beer in the air at me. I did the same.

The girls came back, so everyone got drinks. Rachel's boyfriend was giving me the gears..."Where'd the beer come from? Why aren't you over there talking to him then? You should slide right over there and into that!" I was all..."I don't have to go over there. I'm working it just fine, right now. YOU may need to work that hard? but yeah...not me" I was just being all cocky...but was continuing to make eyes at the beer-boy (Jeff).

He and his buddies went up to the bar, I assumed to get more beer...but they weren't there very long.

We were finishing up, and as we were drinking, Jeff (beer-boy) came up and said, "my friends and I ware leaving, but it was really nice to meet you. I wanted to say goodbye." And shook my hand. I said the same...and kinda chuckled at him as he was leaving. He slipped me his phone number!!! Who does that?! Apparently hot-hot boys that flirt with me. It was funny. And he was cute.

Anyway--not sure what I'm going to do about it yet. I don't have TIME for another boy right now. Particularly this week. But I've experienced drought...and I'm thinking I should stockpile for a rainy day. With my luck, I'll get moved to Edmundston and be surrounded by toothless frenchmen with 4-wheelers and an unnatural and sadistic love of NASCAR. I need to spend as much time with the hot-hot Haligonians as I can while the opportunities present themselves!


There's way more, but I"m pooped and need to sleep. Big, BIG days at work this week...must be somewhat rested. Which is toooooo late for tonight! But oh well. :)