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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the record...

Facebook is a soul-sucking demon that makes you feel guilty for not wanting to 'befriend' people that you don't like in real life because you don't want to hurt their feelings.

'Ignore' is such a harsh way to deal with people who are only minor irritants in real life. I generally 'friend' them, and then delete them later once they've had a chance to peruse all my photos. Much less offensive that way, and yet...I still feel guilty about it. What's up with that, anyway?

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi. :)

I suck. I'm aware.

Painfully aware. One day, I'll detail it all. Now? Not so much.

I keep WANTING to blog. I keep NEEDING to blog. And I keep NOT doing it. So here goes. Breaking the silence. :)

I'm living in Halifax again, and happy as a pig in mud about that.

I've had an offer on the house, and we close on the 4th of March. WOOT!

Sadly, I'm not nearly ready to be moving away from there. I'm SOOOO over Amherst, but yet not ready to be leaving my beautiful little house.

And the boy is too far away. Because I've moved away. And that's hard to get used to again. And I don't really want to. But I also don't know that I'm prepared to do anything about it...because I'm not prepared to move again. And I don't want him to move. Sad, but true.

I've had a particularly crap-tastic week, but what's become crazily evident is what amazing friends I have, particularly in Billy. I'm a VERY lucky woman.

I'm baking cookies. The house smells yummy. I'm having some tea, then off to bed. :)

And I'm so glad to be back and have broken the silence again. Hi. :)

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