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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ice cubes

I've decided that I love ice cubes. I never made them in my freezer before, because my experience with ice cubes has always been hit or miss. I've always enjoyed a cozy relationship with bagged ice, but the ones you make yourself have always made me a bit squeamish. It's that "Just fresh from your stinky freezer" taste that has turned me off.

I've learned though, that if you're using them up at a crazy rate (a tray an evening!) they don't have enough time to smell like freezer. The other thing I've found, is that my freezer doesn't smell. Or perhaps it's still the time factor playing a role. Either way, I've been sucking back ice cubes like nobody's business. I'm trying to drink more water, and it makes it a game if I can drink the glassful before the ice melts.

I was going to post last night, but instead I got all wrapped up in organizing my financial life. I sorted bills, filed things neatly with paperclips and folders, and worked out a strategy to pay my utilities on time and still get the credit for making huge-ass Visa payments (it's nothing spectacular, and if I don't stay on top of it, it could backfire BIG TIME).

I did, however, have time to read a few of my favourite blogs and do a little surfing. Check out this website: It's freaking hilarious. Particularly where the commenters (ors?) get their snuggies in a bind because they can't tell if it's satire or serious. (I choose to believe it's satire.)

Anyway, I'm going to be late for work if I don't get a move on.

Doh! I didin't even get to mention how exciting it was to have FOUR comments the other day!! And from different people, even! :) Thanks for visiting, ladies. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2005


So...I managed to change my headlight--although not without some bad words and befuddlement on my part. I would have easily changed my blinker-light, (I had the stupid thing removed from the vehicle already!) had the moron at Canadian Tire given me the correct sort of bulb with which to change it. As it stnads now, the score is:
Headlights- 2
Blinkers - 3
Stupid Canadian Tire Boy - 1
Empowered DIY Car-Repair Sarah - 1

It's about quarter to 6 (can't tell, computer clock won't let me fix it) and I need to get dressed for the park. I likely won't get in the monster walk I was hoping for, but that''s okay.

I thought about calling someone to see if they'd like to come with, but came up with the following realizations:
a) Lynn will still be playing softball
b) Verge, although he indicated interest in having friends with whom to do cultural things, still creeps me out a bit too much to make 'wanna hang out' phone calls to -- he's a little too desperate to have friends that are girls, and I don't want to ever have to deal with that with him
c) I'd prefer to go by myself than to call James. He's far too much work.

So...I'm off to change, and to see a play by myself. :) Which pleases me enormously--a fact that is surprising, even to myself--and I'm not easily surprised by how much I enjoy my own company. Hey, I'm great! Tell all your friends. Particularly if they live in Halifax--I could use a new peer group. :)


It's another gorgeous day that I wasted most of. Amazing how I manage to do that, time and again.

I really need to keep my computer turned off when I'm not actively using it. It just takes so darned long to boot up!! But like television, I can manage to become engrossed in something inane and then not accomplish anything all day.

I did just read about the origins of the term 'umble-pie'--which is the real phrase, not 'humble-pie' as most people say these days. It's a pie made of entrails from deer, fit only for servants and those of inferior social standing to eat. The meaning is about the same, but the spelling is different. I, henceforth, shall use the correct (i.e. original) spelling. I'm a stickler for tradition.

Anyway. :) I just spent a lovely hour at the driving range. I am now about to attempt once again to change my headlight--it's one of those infuriating ones where you have to remove the entire glass piece in order to change the bulb part. One day I aspire to have a modern car again. :) For right now, though, I'm content to simply drive this one and not get arrested for my expired safety inspection.

After the attempt at DIY auto-repair, I will go to the park, yet again, for a long walk (need to get some exercise before the return to work tomorrow--boooo) and Pericles, Prince of Tyre. This will be my final Shakespeare of the week, nay, of the season. Partly because I'm going back to work (which I already mentioned), but mainly because it's the final performance of the season. So, even if I wanted to see more, I could not. Alas and alack, the evening draws nigh.

My computer keeps losing time. It says that it's 3:59, but it's really 4:35. And this means that I need to shake a tail-feather or I won't have time for the auto-repair. And goodness knows I've been putting it off long enough. It only took me a month to buy the lightbulbs (blinker is out too), and after I realized what a pain in the arse it was going to be to change them, they've only been riding around in the glove-box for about 5 weeks. I'm thinking it's time to change them now, before the weather turns cold and it snows again. :)

Later folks--perhaps I'll get you up to date on the pub crawl from yesterday evening.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today being pay-day, I just paid some bills that I had to pay today. I have two more that must be paid in the next week or so.

I have come to the FLASHING NEON SIGN realization that I do not make enough money to support my 'lifestyle'. And I use the term 'lifestyle' loosely, as I don't have anything nearly as fancy as a 'lifestyle'. I have a bunch of humdrum days strung together with used packing tape.

Ah well...this too shall pass. If I don't get knee-capped first. :)

I went to see The Merchant of Venice last night, by Shakespeare by the Sea. It got moved indoors because the weather was not good, and even so, it was an excellent performance. I'm never disappointed by one of their shows. I'm
planning to see the 1:00 matinee tomorrow of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. How can I afford all this crazy theatre-going you may very well be asking yourselves? (I heard you--you muttered it under your breath) It's voluntary donation! :) Wheee :) Let's hear it for pay-what-you-can entertainment. There's not nearly enough of that out here on the east coast. There was TONS of it in Ottawa, but rarely do you come accross it out here. And right now, I can't afford to pay anything. So I get to go for free. :) Whee me. :)

Next summer, when I hope to be out from this monstrous burden of debt, I'll send them a nice fat cheque. right now, I don't have it, but neither am I feeling generous considering how rude that guy who was on the Board of Directors was to me last night. Not once, but three times AND he put a chair on my foot. When I pointed out that my foot was under the chair that he had reached in front of me to place in my personal space, he said "I know". Not, "Oh, I"m sorry" or "I didn't see that there" or even, "Oops!" He said "I know." Ignorant bugger.

My computer is so slow--it's been having seizures. I began this post about 3 hours ago. It can't do two things at once. I.e. it can't load a webpage and allow me to blog at the same time. It can't even idle with two web pages gets confused. So editing my blog is a real hassle. As is posting it, tonight.

I'm off to bed. I'm pooped!

Have a great day tomorrow--I'll be enjoying the 27* and sunny last two days of my vacation. If you want to catch Robin Hood with me, I'll be at the park at 1:00. I'll be the one with the glasses looking sheepish about not making a donation. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Show me my Motto!

Who me? Watch too much television? You've got to be kidding. ;) That is my current favourite line from anything...and it happens to be the Sprite commercials with the little plasticeine doll with the 'fro.

I tend to type too quickly when I'm posting. I type much faster than my computer displays the strokes on themonitor. The problem with this, is that I end up posting a lot of typographical errors. My computer is a bazillion years old, so it tends to get confused if I ask it to do too many things at once--like load my email and type a blog. God forbid if I try to load two web pages at once. Then I usually go into the kitchen and fix myself a snack, watch Days of our Lives, wash the car, and then come back and it's nearly done loading. This is also the reason that I don't generally bother to FIX most of my typos.

I don't like posting typos though, as strangers don't know that I am quite literate, and very capable of yping an error free sentence. I never look at the keys, and count on being able to see the monitor to tell me when to correct errors. When I can 't see the mistakes, and it's going to take me an extra 15 minutes to correct it, I generally don't bother. Sorry folks, but I will try harder, I swear.

Yesterday I did a bad thing and went shopping. I did fairly well, and bought a table runner (on clearance for $7.00); a funky striped serving dish with 3 matching dip bowls (also on sale, $9.75); and some pickle forks at $0.50 each (1/2 price!). Gee, a discerning reader would think that I might be planning a party. :) I just need to meet more single men first...or meet someone who knows more single men. :)

I am off for a walk now. My legs are almost fully healed from my foray to the ghym with Lynn (not quite a full week!) and it's time to get some exercise. Not to mention that the ball tournament is coming up, and I need to make sure I'm not this gimpy for another week in September. Bleh!

Line shamelessly lifted from Drew Carey. "Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Does anyone else remember that cartoon episode from Sesame Street? Where the ghuy is crawling through the desert and we all learned the Spanish word for water as a result? I loved that one. And I've never before felt the great relief that an oasis provides to those who are parched in the desert.

My plumber just FINALLY left. It is 9:30 pm. I began waiting for the plumber at 8:00 this morning, because it was the soonest that he could get here. Fine. Two days without water...not TOO terrible, as long as he gets here by noon.

Today was the NICEST day of my vacation. I spent it in my livingroom, with no water, waiting for the phone to ring. At 11:30 am I got a call from the landlord's wife saying that the plumber had called her earlier in the morning and said that he couldn't get here until the afternoon. I thanked her for her promptness in letting me know. Beyotch. So I wasted my morning.

As I said, it was 25* C and SUNNY. I was going to go to the driving range. I was planning to spend the day downtown. I had made lunch plans. Which I had to cancel. Partially because I was unwashed, and partially because I couldn't leave the house. Nor could i tie up the phone, in case the plumber called.

So...the plumber called at 3:15 and said he'd be here in about an hour. At 5:05 pm he arrived. 4.5 hours. Both he and my landlord arrived at the same time, waltzed in and out of my home, leaving mucky footprints everywhere, and pretty much acting as though I didn't exist. It was great. The plumber was much nicer to me than the guy I give a cheque for $750 every month.

Now I have cold water--which, don't get me wrong, is much better than what I did have. However, there will be not HOT water (or even agua of the lukewarm variety) for at least another 2 hours. Which means I'm Jonesin' for a shower SOOOOO bad. I'd be on my way to the gym to snag one, but I can't get there and get showevered before they close.

I couldn't even go and swim in the damn pool today (hot out, remember?) because I had to hang out at the hosue and wait for the damned phone.

Today is one of the VERY FEW occasions that I ALMOST could be convinced that a cell phone might be a good idea. That, and if I decide to become a bus commuter. If that happens, I may very well break down and give in. That way I can check bus schedules from the bus-stop. But I really hate the bus, and all the crazy freaky people that take the bus...since all the crazy people LOVE me like a lollipop (I was once licked on public transit). So I don't know how likely that is to transpire, no matter how much cash I can save.

So. If I boil the kettle enough times, I wonder if I can get enough hot water to wash my hair?

On the brighter side, I got email from Amy. She's coming to visit me or a week at the beginning of September. :) I'm very excited to see her. I'm so glad that my mom convinced her to come. I'm really glad that she'll be out here...I know it's wrong to want to keep an eye on her, since she's 30 and all, but I'm her big sister, and I have convinced myself that all she needs is encouragement and a keen eye of supervision. I'm always amazed by how easy we humans find it to trick ourselves into believing what we WANT to believe instead of what is more likely true. :)

Anyway, Amy's coming to visit, and that's what matters most. *bounce*

Monday, August 22, 2005


That's what I've been--with regards to posting (among others!).

I was going to post about my Saturday--which was great. Then, I was going to postabout my Sunday, which was not too bad.

My Sunday was actually quite good, until just before I was going to settle down in front of hte computer for a little bit. I was on the phone with my mother (who was having dinner with my father at 9:00 at night!?!) when I stepped into the bathroom. Right into 2 inches of water. My $*@#ing hot water heater gave up the ghost last night. I did two loads of laundry yesterday afternoon, and everything was fine. Yet, at 10:00 pm, it was not.

I managed to turn off the water, and spent over an hour and a half mopping. I discovered this morning that the water had seeped through the shared wall and into the floor of my closet and bedroom. Thankfully I've gotten organized enough that the only thing on the closet floor was Rubbermaid totes filled with winter clothes, and a few empty suitcases.

The sad part is how much I HATE having to call my landlord. I need to, as I am currently without water--but having no water is not yet a huge inconvenience, and it's decidedly less inconvenience than having a stranger come into my house, tear apart my bathroom, and make a mess all over my floor.

How is that less inconvenient?! I really need to give my head a shake and be less anti-social. I just hate having to be at smoeone else's beck and call for home repairs. If it was my own house, I'd call a plumber and get it done. But since this will be a third-party repair job, it means that hte landlord will want to come in and look. Then he'll call a plumber to come in and look. Then they'll order a new tank, and get it delivered...then the plumber will come back. What's up with all this grief? How is this my problem? is. Stupid designed obsolescence.

Anyway...more later. After I finally call the landlord. Yes, it's 1:45 pm and I still haven't called. But now I need to. I want to wash the towels and mats I used to wipe up the water. And I need him to bring a ShopVac so that I don't get silverfish. *shudder*

Saturday, August 20, 2005


The following is a transcript (cut'n paste) of my evening (morning). It's a rehash of my conversation with my sister as rehashed with my friend Rob. I've cut Rob out to protect the innocent. I realize there are more sides to this story than I'm presenting at the moment. I haven't had time to absorb them all. I just need to vent, and here it goes.

I know I haven't blogged in a few days, and I was thinking earlier of how I would approach my vacation this week--would I blog in the morning...would I blog in the evening...would I be random and filled with caprice? Then I went to bed without blogging. And at about 4:00 am, my baby sister called tears. Filled with apologies about waking me up...and how she shouldn't have called...etc.

Here's a newsflash for anyone who has siblings. IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO THEM, PICK UP THE GODDAMNED PHONE. Your siblings (read family) are not an inconvenience. Yes, sleep is fun. But if you NEED your family, you call them. No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the circumstance. If you are my family (and you know who you are, Christine) or a friend of any degree, my phone is always on the hook, and as bill collectors do not phone at 4:00 am, I will answer it.

I would sell my soul, or my worldly possessions, or my body for my family. That's what I have always grown up knowing. We all know that about each other in my family. And yet, we still get all apologetic and embarrassed if we have to pick up the phone in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm going to post the transcript now...but I may delete it. I don't know if this is a story that's mine to tell. But...I really don't know what to do about it. IT's 5:15 am, and I'm a little wired.

Here goes nothing.

me(4:58:22 AM): hmm...downloaded the newest version today, and I have to say I don't like it.
me (4:59:14 AM): Have you ever wished you were independently wealthy so that yo -set around the globe and solve the problems facing your loved ones?
me (5:00:52 AM): my sister's stuck in a bad relationship.
me (5:01:02 AM): I just got the weepy 4 am phone call.
me (5:01:19 AM): she's only stuck by her own self...but apparently he's using drugs.
me (5:01:31 AM): and until 6 weeks ago, was encouraging her to do the same...and she was complying.
me (5:01:39 AM): "Please don't tell mom"
me (5:01:56 AM): "Get your ass out of there--he's not your problem, and you can't 'fix' him."
me (5:02:01 AM): "Please don't be mad"
me (5:02:24 AM): "I'm not mad, but I need you to worry about YOU--not about HIM. HE's not my sister".
me (5:02:31 AM): stupid fucking jackass.
me (5:02:49 AM): he's lucky I live a 24 hour drive away--and that my car would only make it 4. me (5:03:40 AM): If my father wasn't such a complete and total fuck-up I"d be tempted to tell him. But he's not my old dad anymore. He's a selfish ass, and it would likely interfere with his sleep patterns, or his regularly scheduled appointment to fuck with my mother's head.
me (5:03:54 AM): ...and I used to think we were a fairly well-adjusted family. :)
me (5:05:01 AM): I really did think we were normal. It never occurred to me that my sister would use anything more harsh than weed.
me (5:05:46 AM): apparently she did it in high school too. And she stopped because she liked it too she developed a hate for coke so that she wouldn't do it anymore. *BOGGLE*
me (5:06:27 AM): ...and Jeremi brings it into the house all the time. And she asked him not to, right when they got together...because she knew if it was there, she'd do it.
me (5:07:04 AM): She said she hasn't done it in 6 weeks. But the thing that concerns me most is that she's been living there for a year and a half
me (5:07:41 AM): I know she made the decision to use...but that fucker gave it to her. I know he's got his own problem....but. Little weasel.
me (5:08:14 AM): I never thought I'd see the word 'use' in that context used in reference to my sister. It's disconcerting.

So as you can see, I've had an interesting evening/morning.

I wanted to go home for my vacation, but I"m beyond broke--and the cheapest flight I could find was $987.00 return. The train was $480. + taxes. So, I decided to not go home. But now I REALLY want to. I don't know how many annoying "When will we see another payment, Ms.Sadie?" phone calls I can handle though...$600 worth is a lot of calls.

If I caught the train tomorrow, I could be home by suppretime on Sunday. It's a 26 hour trip there, and only 18 hours on the way back. Bleh. I wonder if I can help at all if I"m there.

Well folks--if I blog tomorrow, I didn't go on a wild road-adventure. If I don't blog, you'll know I"m on a train working hard to avoid making eye-contact with freaks.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I'm addicted to reading blogs. I've discovered 5 or 6 new ones that I LOVE. Not just like a little bit, but love. Why is everyone in the world so much more eloquent and more well-read than I?

I started to go to bed about 2 hours ago. That's when I began to drink a pot of tea, to sweep the floor, to dust the bookshelf, and to rearrange all the furniture in my dining room. I'm so productive in the evening hours, and yet...sleep is one of my favourite activities, and I just can't freaking convince myself that bed is the place to be! Whatup with that?

So today I (note to self: stop beginning your paragraphs with 'so') bumped into Blair M. He's a sales rep from one of our suppliers. He's a good friend with an old friend from the store (Julian, in case you're keeping track), and I've been friends with Blair myself for a good 5 years or so. Blair is the consumate salesman. He's a very Dirty man, and yet incredibly charming. He's old-school sales, and believes that what happens on the road, stays on the road. Unless it makes a good story for your buddies. I enjoy Blair in a kind of 'he's just so wrong that it's perfect' kind of way. He's very bold and up front, and just says things that other people dance around. I find him refreshing, even as he's schmoozing me like nobody has ever schmoozed me before. (Because he's always 'On Stage' it's easy to be his friend--just totally disregard everything the says as being unimportant.)

So...chatting with Blair, he told me a very disturbing story about a bachelor party he attended a few weeks ago. Leading me (again!) to wonder what the fuck is up with men and their bachelor party fantasies? I just don't get it. But I don't get Bachelorette parties either. Having strange men suck lifesavers off my chest doesn't really appeal to me. Mainly because I'd feel sorry for the ugly ones and let them have a turn too...and hey, it's my party--I should be shallow if I want to.

Blair then went on to ask me probing personal questions, and offered to hook me up with a very wealthy friend of his. I declined, citing a severe case of chronic independence. Blair asked me if I was planning to ever get married and have babies. Just like that. I laughed, told him he was a bold and ignorant bastard, and then said "Nobody's ever asked me yet". Verge had walked up at this point and only caught my reply. Blair then turns to Verge and says "What are you doing for the rest of your life?" What a jackass. :) Funny, but a jackass. Poor Scott. People (me included) are always trying to hook him up with others. He's a very nice guy, with no social skills (Scott, not Blair). He likes younger women, and scares the crap out of them on the first date by asking how many kids they want and what they should name their dog. Needless to say, he's single.

Dale from the yard asked me the same question this afternoon..."Do you plan to get married and have a family?" I pointed out that he was the second person to ask me that today, and demanded to know if I looked particularly desperate this afternoon. Apparently I didn't. But I don't trust his reply, as I think I scared him with my vehemence.

As I didn't post much over the weekend -- i.e. not at are not aware of the events that transpired on Saturday. I shall now inform you.

Friday (Trust me, we need to back-track a little) I went out on the town with Lynn, Randy and Leana. We met up with Amy and Angela for Amy's going away party. After hanging with Leana and Randy at Lynn's for a couple of very enjoyable hours, we went to Amy's. That sucked. I wasn't drinking, they all were. I don't really enjoy Amy very much, and I really dislike Angela. They're just very young, and I have very little patience for narcissistic 22 year old girls. I used to be one, and I did it far more successfully than they are managing to pull off, Thank-you-very-much.

Randy and Lynn and Leana were not having fun either, so it wasn't just me being a crotchety fuss-pot (although I will confess, I'm an old bag). We finally left for the bar at 11:30. We got there about 11:45. We waited around outside for 20 minutes for Amy and Angela to show up. They didn't. We went inside.

For the record, I LOVE Pacifico. Well, really, I don't...but I loved it hella good on Friday night when I got carded. :) God bless the doorman and his obviously lovestruck eyes for not noticing that I am the aforementioned old bag. :)

We had a good time at the bar, Randy bought a couple of shooters for the girls (I as usual did not drink mine--I have a strict No Shooter policy). Flirting ensued all around. I was driving, so I only had 2 beer all night. I flirt better when I'm sober anyway--I'm much more comfortable with innuendo when I can control it, and driving the conversational bus is always fun for me. Barry showed up, so there was more than enough innuendo and verbal foreplay for any 5 human beings to stomach.

We went to Pizza Corner after, and then I drove Randy, Leana, Lynn and I home--stopping on a very circuitous route to get ice cream. No talking until 5 am with Randy this time, as I went home to sleep and get ready for work 4 hours later.

So...Saturday (I told you I'd get to it eventually) I had to work. Joanna (my favourite cashier supervisor) was working. She asked about my evening. I told her who went out, and that we'd had fun dancing and joking around despite it being for Amy's going away. (Joanna--and most other people that I actually LIKE at the storefeel the same way about Amy as do I). Joanna then made a pointed comment (all her comments are pointed--and she's VERY bold) that I should date Randy. Her exact words were "You should date Randy." I asked her why she would say that. She said "No reason" in that way that means she's obviously got one. I asked again...she indicated that she thought we'd be 'cute' together.

I indicated to her that I didn't want to be another in his long list of female mistakes. Which is true. Not to mention that he works with me, and we've seen how well that works out. (If you've forgotten--or are unaware, feel free to scroll back to the earlier evil, heart and soul-searching posts regarding my current lack of relationship.)

But I think I may protest too much. I find him entertaining--he's fun to mock, and he actually handles it quite well. I think he's a cutie--he's got that reddish-hair thing that I have always found appealing. He's also freaking built. BUT. Did I mention how much I miss being naked? BUT. BUT. BUT. BUT.

Remind me of all the BUTs when I get loaded and do something stupid, wouldja?

Anyway...that was my Saturday. Silly Joanna putting ideas in my head when I really don't need any help. Although, (and God strike me for saying this--I sound like HEATHER!!!) I could really use a date. I'd like some smooching action. I watched Hitch the other night, and they looked like they had a really delicious kiss...and I'd like one.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the perfect kiss. I can still feel it, 12 years later, I can still feel it, it was that perfect. God I love kissing when it's good. wonder I can never get to bed at a reasonable hour...I talk too much! Or type too much, I guess would be more accurate. Wonder who I am thinking other people are interested in the gory details...sheesh :) Who's the Narcissist in this family now? I wonder if I have to wrestle my dad WWF-Style in order to earn the title-belt? Good thing I perfected that figure-4 leg-lock back in grade 9.

Happy Tuesday. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blog stalking

In a particularly lengthy and time-sucking blog-stalk, I discovered this:
The Washington Post had a contest; submit instructions for anything, written in the style of a famous person. The winning entry:
The Hokey Pokey (as written by W. Shakespeare).
O proud left foot, that ventures quick within
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe.
Anon, once more the gesture, then begin:
Command sinistral pedestal to writhe.
Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke,
mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl.To spin!
A wilde release from Heavens yoke.Blessed dervish!
Surely canst go, girl.
The Hoke, the poke -- banish now thy doubt
Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about.
by William Shakespeare (Jeff Brechlin, Potomac Falls)

(laughter ensues)

More later, once I actually get off my butt and out of my house for some fresh air on this BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon.

Friday, August 12, 2005

another slothful day offMy day of rest.

Read: slot

Hot. Damn hot.

Today is a wonderful day. I got to leave work at a reasonable hour (6:00 pm). We had a thunderstorm as a result of the opressive humidity we've been experiencing the last week and a half. I love thunderstorms. Growing up in the Niagara Peninsula, I find it hard not to love them. We used to have so many thunder and lightening storms growing up that I have never understood people who were scared of them.

We used to sit out on my front porch and watch the lightening roll in. In fact, because of the humidity and high temperatures where I grew up, we used to have 'dry heat' storms. Those were thunder storms with no rain at all. Just sheets of lightening, and incredibly loud claps of thunder, with a fair bit of really strong gusty wind added in for good measure. What a rush. What an amazing way for God to remind us how small and inconsequential we really are. :)

An added bonus to the thunderstorm (and monster rain shower) is that the humidity has finally broken outside. It's not nearly as oppressive as it was, although the inside of the house is still sticky. Should be better tomorrow.

I actually got bad news today--distressing, anyway. Amanda, who was the office manager when I was working in our Yarmouth store, got fired. I'm not sure why yet, but I'll find out soon. I think it was stupidity, not actual theft. That's the only way you can get fired in my company--unless it's for harassment, and she wouldn't have done that. But she wouldn't have stolen stuff either. Not intentionally, anyhow. Incompetence, perhaps. Criminal intent? Not likely.'s sad for me to think about. Worse for her, I suppose.

Day off tomorrow, and I"m planning to pick up this wreck of an apartment. I'm also planning to do a major financial planning/overhaul session. Hopefully I can put a couple of these debts to rest, and focus on the longer term stuff. We shall see.

I'm a little bit scared to try and book a flight home with the price of fuel skyrocketing (get it?) these days. I'll keep you posted. Chris, I think I invited you to the driving range via your daughter. :) Trust me, it'll be a hoot. :)

That's it, off to bed before midnight! Someone call Guiness. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005 sarry...

So...nothing exciting to report, really. Lots of gossip from the weekend, about how I felt old and ancient...and decrepit, and ...did I mention OLD? But otherwise, not much. :)

I stayed at work far too late on Monday night, gossiping and shooting the breeze with some folks I really enjoy. We talked about all kinds of things...from how difficult it is for us to be perfect when others are so obviously challenged in ways we can't comprehend...right through to personal fetishes and sexual fondnesses. It was an interesting chat, and I have to say...I'm glad I missed blogging to have it. :)

Yesterday, I exhibited my ignorance by showing up for work 3 hours early. Byt the time I figured it out, I'd already been there for 1.5 hours, and it wasn't worth my while to go home--so I stayed until close. 7 am to 9:30 pm. I'm soooo smart. S-M-R-T.

Today...enjoyed my boss yet again. I also had fish and chips for supper, which I'm pretty sure isn't the healthiest food for someone trying to become more fit and lean. Oopsie. Man was it delicious. :)

So now, it is far too late, and I should have long since been asleep. I've been having real problems getting myself to bed at a decent hour. Could be why I had the migraine the other day--since I've been up blogging/blog-stalking until 12:30 and 1 every day, and up again at 6 to go to work. Just a guess, though.

I'll be back tomorrow. Sleep well--I know I will. :)

p.s. how do I get rid of the thousands of stupid ants that have invaded my bathroom and bedroom? They're not in the kitchen (thank God) but they're in the two strangest rooms. The little round traps seem to only make a tiny dent in the vast numbers of militant insects carrying out their nefarious deeds in my home.

Stupid bugs.

Monday, August 08, 2005


I had lots to say, earlier. I was about to begin blogging when my phone rang and my Dad called me. :) This made me happy, as i hadn't talked to my dad in a couple of months...but I now have a migraine and ache too much to type.

I will have to fill you in on my life tomorrow. :)

I miss my dad. Even though he's acting like an idiot. :) I can't wait to go home for a visit. I may just borrow the cash from my sister after all. Don't want to, but I want to go home more than I don't want to borrow the $$. So there we have it. :) Night folks.


I had lots to say, earlier. I was about to begin blogging when my phone rang and my Dad called me. :) This made me happy, as i hadn't talked to my dad in a couple of months...but I now have a migraine and ache too much to type.

I will have to fill you in on my life tomorrow. :)

I miss my dad. Even though he's acting like an idiot. :) I can't wait to go home for a visit. I may just borrow the cash from my sister after all. Don't want to, but I want to go home more than I don't want to borrow the $$. So there we have it. :) Night folks.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why I love my job...

Today was the kind of day that reminds me why I love my job. Not just my job, but doing my job in Halifax. I love my boss. In a way that is almost...unnatural. He is a funny, funny man. And very smart. And he respects me in a way that I have not experienced with any other manager in this company. Other companies, yes. This company? No.

So tonight I was a little hectic and busy at work. The other two Assistant Managers are on vacation so it was just Scott and I all day. He was going home at 5, but I didn't get to leave for my supper break until he hung out while I ate.

So..sitting in the lunchroom, eating my sandwich from Tim Horton's (delicious!)--my mood improving by the second as the nutrients entered my bloodstream--Scott's just hanging out.

Now, you have to understand this about Scott. When he's in a good mood, he likes to just Hang Out. He likes to tell stories, and hear gossip, and just be One Of The Gang. But because most of the associates don't really understand him very well, they are scared when he acts like this. I love it. Remind me to share more Scott stories later--they're hilarious.

So..somebody had dropped a bunch of old sports blooper videos, and some really crappy books in the lunchroom for people to take. There was this TERRIBLE book of poetry sitting on the table. It was filled with relevant rhymes on "What was Noah thinking?", "Pierre Trudeau, you rocked my world", and the like. (Perhaps I'm taking a bit of liberty with the titles, but it's important that you see what heart-rending works of literary accomplishment we're talking about here.)

I'm eating my sandwich. There are only two other associates left in the an older man reading the newspaper, and one a young highschool student without many clues to rub togehter. Scott begins reading aloud to me while I eat. First, there was the poem about Noah. Then, a 3 page diatribe about Trudeau's finest hour being the FLQ crisis. This was followed with a rather long talk with God about how if the author forgot to tell God how grateful he was for everything God does for him--be it while he's on the bus, in the car, riding in a train, travelling by boat, pedalling his bike--or even--(wait for it!) while he's walking--God should just know, now and for always, that the author is grateful. This was the piece-de-resistance. Scott's an excellent reader, with an incredible sense of timing and sarcasm. It was priceless.

What was the best part, was that the high-schooler began to panic, and quickly exited the room. I mercilessly mocked him while he read. And the old guy from the Hardware department listened in tently and complimented Scott's reading and presentation skills. It was the funniest thing I've experienced in a long, long time. And it reminded me why I love being where I am. I've missed working for a manager that I enjoy, both as a boss, and on a personal level.

We then discussed the FLQ crisis, religion in general, Mormonism, Catholicism, and Anglicanism in particular. We discussed the racetrack (we both like horse-racing) and how he and his wife saved up for the wedding on their gambling proceeds. *grin*

Anyway--great day. :) Any day that I get to laugh out loud, and that I get reminded about the good parts of being sentient, is a 5 star day for me. :)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lazy days

Day off today. It wasn't a bad day, but I'm not quite sure how I manage to waste all my days off.

I envy Christine the family that forces her to accomplish things (although she's always been a 'do-er'). I manage to idle away hours doing nothing except losing brain cells to fine, intellectual television programs like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and re-runs of the masterful acting demonstrated by Keanu Reeves in "Point Break". (ASIDE: for those of you that didn't notice it--that was sarcasm. Keanu Reeves is not a masterful actor, and Dog the Bounty Hunter is not intellectual programming).

I was pleased with myself this evening when, although I really didn't want to move, I forced myself outdoors for a lovely walk. "You can do anything for 15 minutes," I told myself. As usual, I was correct. I had a great time once I was out, and walked for over 45 minutes along the boardwalk.

I always enjoy getting some exercise once I'm DOING it, but it's the motivation to get moving that I require help with. There's finally people posting over at the Getting Fit bulletin board, so that should help with some motivation. I actually watched half of the video that came with my exercise ball today. (I watched it today, I didn't get the ball today--sorry about the agreements issue back there). It doesn't look impossible, although it does look like it might be work. I am going to attempt to get out of bed 1/2 an hour earlier tomorrow morning so I can try the workout before I have to leave for the store. Highly unlikely it will happen, but who knows. Oh wait...that would be me; I would know. Oops. :)

I need to get more reliable about posting. If I had a life, I could see missing days and the like. But as things stand, I really have no excuse. Nothing plausible anyway. Except the truth--my brain has been sucked out by the intellect-draining leeches at Global Television. They're in cahoots with the monsters at A&E, you know.

That is all. Sit-ups for everyone! C'mon, you know you want some. I'm buying! :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wow. :)

What a great day!

I just got a call from my absolutely wonderful sister who lives in the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman, to be precise.

I have not talked to my sister directly since just after Christmas. That's 7 months. We've left messages on each other's machines, called each other and left no messages, etc, etc, etc...but we haven't spoken. I've missed her lots. It's one of those things where since you haven't spoken in so long that there's so much to say that you don't really say much of anything. You just hit the high points and leave out most of the details that make a conversation with your sister a conversation with FAMILY. But it was so good to reconnect.

I am toying with the idea of giving her my blog address--but I'm not sure that I am ready for my family to know this much about me yet. I'm not sure how I got this reserved and introverted, but I've always been this way, and it's really hard for me to kick the habit.

I had a great little chat with Anthony today, and it was nice to talk again. I think we can be friends again, now that he's with Deborah. I hope so, anyway. :) I miss chatting with him. :) He's fun! :)

Work was crazy at first, and then after 3:00 it was desolate. I left early at 5:30. I made veggie soup last night, and it was sooooo nice to come home to today. I have thus far resisted the siren call of the ice cream in the freezer. I think I may cave in, but I have put a price-tag of 20 situps on a bowl of the demon-stuff, anmd it may be too steep a price for me to pay tonight. We shall see.

Mrs. Flinger seems to be living my life, but on the flip-side. She posted today about how as a stay-at-home mother she was perceived as 'doing nothing important' by her old colleagues. It amazes me how our society under-values women's work. It is an huge sacrifice to give up your career to do the much more important job of raising a child. It is a sacrifice that we do not expect men to make, and one that they rarely consider. Women are forced to make these choices all the time.

I find my career is stalled because I am still single and of child-bearing age. I find that in that circumstance, looking young is an huge disadvantage. Because I will most certainly be beyond the age where I can do anything about a family before I feel established enough in my career to start a family!

Why should i have to choose? Men do not have to choose. Why should someone else be permitted to make the choice for me? Because I am so obviously an heterosexual female. Nobody has come out and told me that I can't have a store because I am a woman. It has been implied in many, many ways.

I was forced into an equivalent position at the Head Office because I was led to believe that it was the only form of promotion that would be available to me at the time. It was a great job. It could have been better. I was not well suited to it, and I hated every second of it. But, were I in a place in my life where I wanted to start and parent a family, I could have done so with little impact to the bottom line of our company.

Any position that I WANT will cause drama and strife for my company should I have a baby and leave that position for a time. So I can understand why they would not want to give me a position that might cause dificulty. I would even make the same decision myself, given the circumstances. I'd hire a slightly less-qualified man that I could be sure would continue to work 60 hour weeks and give all his time and attention to the job, than the much more qualified 30-something woman that looks 'ripe-for-the-picking'.

But because it's the 'logical' decision and I"m a thinking human-being...I limit my own career options. And I accept that it's a reality in my life. And I almost accept that there's nothing I can do about it. Except what I'm already doing. Which is doing my job better than any man I have met in the same position. But it really stinks to have to be at least twice as good as anyone else doing the same job, just to force the powers that be to 'consider' me the same way they consider the men.

Argh. Raw nerve time. And you know what burns my ass even more? The fact that I"m considering going back to school for a B.Ed so that I can become a teacher and have my summers off and get out of this I can start a family and not have to deal with this shit. People EXPECT teachers to have kids of their own!!!

Granted--this whole family issue is a moot point for me right now, as there is no potential papa anywhere near the picture. :) But it still prevents me from getting a promotion--because they're not allowed to ask me if I intend to have babies anytime soon. That would violate my rights. *snicker*

Please drive through.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Quick! Somebody take my t-bird away, wouldja?

I had a great weekend...except for feeling a little um...under the weather? this morning. *grin* Entirely self-induced, and entirely well-deserved. Ah well. :)

Yesterday I met up with Heather and Lynn around lunch. We had some food at Lynn's then hit the driving range. What a hoot. Then we stopped in at the store to pick up some stuff, and came home to get ready to go out.

Had a drink at Lynn's, which I knew I likely should not, but did anyway. We didn't head down to the Lower Deck until about 6:30, but it was a fun time. We met up with some friends of Lynn's (contractor guy and his brother in law), and were fed beer in copious quantities all night long. Julian, Randy and Dario met up with us down there, and we had a hoot.

Some guy was there on his bachelor party, and I signed his ass. It amazes me the things people do just before they're about to get married. It's like they think the world as they know it is coming to an end. Realistically speaking, how likely is it that this guy EVER had girls signing his ass prior to his engagement? And if he hadn't been so drunk he could barely stand, what are the odds that a girl would ever consider doing it in the first place? More importantly--why did *I* have to be the drunken female that agreed to pick up the Sharpie and leave a little body-art behind? The why me part is easy--it was the item on his list of things to do that I found to be the least morally offensive. And God forbid that I should pass up an opportunity to do something daring in front of an audience when I've been drinking. *snort* A shy and retiring wallflower I am certainly not. Reserved under most circumstances, but...make it a dare? Ooh boy--there's trouble then.

Anyway. After we closed the place, hit Pizza Corner (a true Halifax tradition) and went home...Heather and I ended up sitting and chatting with Julian and Randy for over an hour. Then Julian went home and Heather went to bed, and I stayed up talking with Randy until 5:30 am. Bleh. No wonder i felt like crap this morning when I woke up at 8:00 am. I was sharing the couch and it was freaking lumpy. And I was not 100% comfortable sharing a fold-out bed with a guy I really don't know all that well. So. They all went out to breakfast, and I came home to sleep. :)

Hit the pool with Lynn and Heather after lunch, got some beautiful sunshine...nice tan today! I even convinced myself to get off my ass and go for a walk tonight along the Bedford basin. What a great evening. And I don't have to work tomorrow until 9:00 because it's a pseudo-holiday for us here :)

I may even trick myself into going to the gym tomorrow. I am feeling very focussed today and driven to change my body shape. I have been thinking abut it for a long time, but never seem to DO anything about it. I saw Lynn (who works out all the time and is quite muscular) in a bathing suit today though, and Heather, who has always been known as 'the scrawny one' and I felt not so bad about where I am. Heather is rounder than you would think, and Lynn is buff, but has a tummy just as bad as I KNOW that I can do something about it if I just get off my ass.

My muscle tone is good, I just have fat sitting on top of if I can just stop eating crap (should be easy considering how little $$$ I have to eat out!!!) and actually force myself to exercise (15 minutes at a time!) then I should be golden in a few months. I figure I can hit my goal weight easily by Christmas if I make some lifestyle changes. Here's hoping. I don't just want to look better, I want to look GREAT. (and feel better, and be healther, and, and, and...blah!)

Off to rescue my bedroom from the evil hold of the Laundry Demon. Have a great civic holiday, fellow Canadians. And a lovely Monday for those of you far away.